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Exceptionally impressed was I when I saw the cannon fries on the menu at the Rum Barrel bar. Remember that bar we were down there near The Galleon Resort and we had a good time. The recipe the includes oven roasted french fries, bacon pieces, melted cheese, pico de gallo, fresh jalapenos and sour cream. If you don't want jalapenos then maybe just a splash or two of a mild hot sauce would be good or medium salsa just to give a little pizzazz.

Yummy is the word at this cafe and bar. If you have bacon or sour cream bring it, otherwise I'm at a get it tomorrow at the store. I do have fresh jalapenos left over from the Flea Market.

Instead of the pico de gallo I might want to use the salsa, but it depends on what I can find at the store tomorrow and I'm in a go to the italian market and I believe they would have that for sure. As you can tell I am big-time and recipes these days!

Juliet G.

Rum Barrel

528 Front Street
Key West Florida
Rating: 4.90 Excellent

Delivers all the Ingredients

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