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I couldn't be more impressed with the things to do that involve Treasure Hunting in Key West. Perhaps we got lucky, we happen to be here during the honoring of Mel Fisher. He is the big treasure hunter who hit it big back about fifteen or twenty years ago, perhaps it's even a little longer now. This guy was the treasure hunter supreme, and he was controversial at the time because of the methodology they used to fine the mother load.

I always thought what they did was very nature friendly, and it was something that the marine environment would do well with. There were a lot of environmentalists that didn't want anybody even touching a rock and lifting it to see what was underneath. We need to find these treasures out there as part of these old Shipwrecks. It takes a little bit of movement of the ground because there's sediment.

You have to remove fifty years of sediment or one hundred years or two hundred years or five hundred years, which might only be three inches or four inches of the slowly dissolving sand and rock. Enough on that, the main thing is it is a great time to come down here because people really love to have a party. Oh my goodness was it rocking in it seem like new year's eve Celebration style fun and activities. All of the hotels have stuff going on, not to mention the restaurants with their happy hours and their drink specials.

Who could not want to go on a pirate pub crawl and ball, which means probably drinking a little bit. We exercised all day, using the bikes and sightseeing, plus plenty of walking, and that means we can consume a few of the Captain Tony's special drinks of the night in honor of our favorite pirate treasure hunter of them all mister Mel Fisher!

Tisha S.

Mel Fisher

200 Greene Street
Key West Florida
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