Coconut Shrimp

Homemade Specials

The tropical coconut shrimp at this restaurant is fantastic and just like martha stewart would make. Food is the star of the show as far as I'm concerned, but a lot of people just love the alcohol, beer specials, happy hours, and the sunset party.

One of the good things about eating down here in the Florida Keys is all the different kinds of dipping sauces that you can use when you get shrimp, french fries or Conch fritters. They make a really good horseradish dipping sauce that's good for everything. I think the fish dip is probably the coolest thing to have when you're on the water because you feel like you're eating something super fresh with the smoky flavor.

The tuna nachos are something you just have to try, because it's the best mix of flavors I think I've ever seen. Music starts up in the afternoon probably around for, I'm not exactly sure. It definitely is all about the musical tunes and bands through the sunset, as I always have music going. Perhaps this is one of the very best bars of the Florida Keys.

We've been to a lot of good ones but to have this wonderful waterfront scene and there's a little beach area that the kids can get their feet wet, plus all the boats coming in because it's boater friendly. This place is excellent, give it a top rating.

The setting here at mile marker eighty two just makes it perfect to relax, laugh, and enjoy the tunes. That is when you get the bonfires, stilt walkers, and even more drink specials. We went twice during our Week long Vacation and were very satisfied with the food menu and frozen drinks on each visit. Big thumbs up. We loved our time there by the water, this is a sweet date bar. Very nice menu and location, during the full moon party it is packed here on the rear of the property.

Elinor T.


81924 Overseas Highway
Islamorada Florida
Rating: 5.00 Top Rated

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