A lovely resort property is a good thing

Sure Thing Top Pick
All units have all the goodies for just like home living including full ready to go kitchens, plus washer-dryer inside. go

Oceanfront Getaway for the Best Time
Dining is super with a restaurant overlooking the water and all the great cocktails. go

Rooms Were really Nice
You get to pick from a bunch of different rental properties and this is one of the best. go

Overnight Ideas
This is a really fancy place with a lot of upgrades, first class and way above the benchmark. go

What a Pleasure to Stay
It is time to make a Southernmost Hotel reservation. go

The luxury Ocean Front Boutique Suite
Your family and friends get to enjoy daily sunset celebrations right from the hotel property, preferably at the waterfront beach bar. go

Try to Find a Nicer Hotel
Pop back out of your room after an evening cocktail, and in 30 seconds you are surrounded by music, laughter, restaurants, and shopping. go

Storms are part of the Islands
Space was important, as staying for two weeks in Key West was a dream vacation for our group of four. go


Location Sneak Peaks

Dominican Republic Cigar Shop
Just the perfect old style Dominican Republic Cigar Shop. go

Nautical Gifts
Island style art and gifts is a lot of fun to shop for as you get to browse all sorts of great graphic works. go

Shakes and Sweets at the Seaport
Tasty treats by the waterfront are just one of the many reasons we love the Florida Keys. go

Lunch Stops on the Bicycle
I am a big fan of Sandy's Cafe, a small cuban restaurant that has a streetside window ordering area. go

Open for Breakfast to Dinner
Right on Duval Street is a French Dish for yummy eats all day long. go

What fantastic sand art building
Offering a 3 hour sand building class, you'll learn tricks and techniques to make a lifetime hobby. go

Yeah to Help Yourself Foods
I am a big fan of the French Toast for breakfast (100 percent whole wheat bread, organic eggs, maple walnut syrup, fresh fruit). go

Happy Times in Paradise

Heading to the Florida Keys from Fort Myers, take I-75 or us highway 41? Heading down for the start of the lobster season, from Fort Myers to Key West Florida. This is the first Key West vacation and need some Florida Keys faq. We are pulling the boat and were not sure which is the best route to go. Take I-75 or us highway 41? You are typically better off taking us 41. It is the shortest distance, point a to b. Especially at key entertainment periods like lobster season, Fantasy Fest, and the Pirates in Paradise Festival, where traffic slows everyone down, take us 41 east, highway 997 south through Homestead to Key West. The Overseas Highway drive to your hotel is fantastic.

Nanette R.

Negotiate for Lower Room Rates

Surprisingly, summer is the off-season in the keys and the time period for the cheapest hotels. For lower prices, you will have to stay a mile or so from Duval. I have had good luck with low prices when staying at the comfort inn Key West. Found it at 3824 north roosevelt boulevard, Key West Florida 33040, check into their midweek special twenty percent discount. Midweek is the time to negotiate for lower room rates. Deals are always here during the middle of the work week.

Earnestine N.

Lower Keys Hotels

The story of Florida Keys life. I worked at barnett bank on the coast near Tampa, it was my first job using my University of South Florida finance degree. They hired me at $21,100. That might not seem like much but it works pretty damn good for me. I was a saving machine and had a roommate right away. After year to I took the opportunity to do an intercompany transfer to the Key West bank! They gave me extra money to come down and move to the Lower Florida Keys. My office was the three story building on kennedy boulevard. I got a house on Big Pine Key for six hundred dollars a month, right on the water, but thirty miles up from Key West. It was a lot cheaper to live up here than go down all the way to Key West where my office was. I won't bore you with the details while I watch aaron rodgers for a touchdown pass to jordy nelson, during Thursday night football. Sixty-six yard td reception. Aaron rodgers is for a five for eighty-seven yards and has two touchdowns already. Excuse me for getting off track, South Florida and Key West is the best place. You can exercise, bicycle, Go Swimming, go for sunsets, and always stay in decent shape because it's nice! Sorry former carrollton folks!

Katina D.