A week vacation here is perfect for couples

Bright Idea for Beach Bar Vacations
Having a water play area like this at the resort is what you do want to try to get when you are securing hotel reservations. go

Highly Recommended for a good Time
The daily sunset view is extra special. go

Big Pine Key Park and Campground
It is neat to just hop in and out of the boat all day. go

Sun Deck
We spent so much time on the waterfront parts of the hotel and the tiki bar. go

Be Surrounded by Tiki Bars
From US1 it starts to become a joy, as you know you have arrived in the Florida Keys. go

Upper Keys Coconut Palm
We spent so many fun hours at the swimming pool. go

Special Rental Ideas
This island is yours to rent and it is in a super fun part of the Florida Keys. go

Ocean Beach Resort
The island here is just too cozy. go


Excellence in Hospitality

Florida Keys Shopping
Explore the sea and the world of interesting island goods. go

Dockside Playtime greets the Cruise Ships
This is one of my very favorite places to go and enjoy the cool scene. go

Top pick is the Pollo Versailles
Opens at early and stays open through dinner time. go

Best Place to get some Pizza
They specialize in pizzas and panini, and make all sorts of interesting recipes. go

Where to get a book in Islamorada
The people on the staff are very helpful, we love our trips to the library. go

Terrace Bar at La Te Da
Sitting outside is the best way to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of this iconic city. go

The best Key West Italian Restaurant
Our vacation stay in the Florida Keys was for two-weeks, which gave us plenty of time to try a whole new series of restaurants. go


Searching out a Hotel Bargain

Excellence in Hospitality

Though the Bahama Village neighborhood is definitely urban, it's generally safe and full of character. It is a nice area over by the restaurant called Blue Heaven. Rates for rental rooms around the islands go from darn cheap to primetime. It's a great place to crash if you're traveling on the cheap. Try cayo hueso guesthouse, one of the cheapest in town. They have some cheap rentals in the guesthouses by downtown Truman Annex.

Kermit W.