All sorts of tidbits and travel ideas on Vacations in Key West

Super Family Sightseeing Spot
The view over the Atlantic Ocean is really good, with boats zooming by the nearby waterway channel. go

Family Spots to see in Old Town Key West
The Key West reefs cause all kinds of issues for our captains of large sailboats, they need depth. go

What to Expect at Hemingway Museum
Key West has really taken off and it's historical focus. go

Breezy option to exploring Key West
Two thumbs up to Mr Steve, our spectacular driver. go

Landmark Zero is a Must-see
My favorite city in the world for sightseeing is the city of Key West Florida. go

Hidden Jewels and Unique Gifts
Expect something special each and every night. go

Something Fun and Crazy Every Single Day
I need to mention Blue Heaven Restaurant, which is a block off the main drag. go

Touch a Bar of Gold
After you spend a week or two down in the city of Key West, it all starts to sink in about the once mighty shipwreck industry. go


Watersports Itinerary

Tropical Island B&B Escape
The hotel was sweet and the professional staff were so approachable. go

Big Fans of the Seafood Taco Salad
Where to go for Lunch in Key West? go

Nicest B&B for Couples
I looked on the mile marker map of the city and this is about one and a half. go

Strong Drinks make us Smile
This one is smack in the City Center Key West. go

City Center Curry Hotel
The tour is a really good selling feature. go

527 Duval Street Market
This Duval Street Walgreens was the home of the famous Strand Theater. go

What fantastic sand art building
I give my credit for the sure thing top pick and thanks for the information on doing more with a limited budget. go


We love the Sightseeing

Watersports Itinerary

It is so big-smiles-fun, we love the sightseeing. We enjoy the areas away from the hustle and bustle of Duval Street. Some of the neat treasures are tucked away on the island. Key West has surprises around every corner.

Adolph D.