An unforgettable day for sure

Pure and Simply Fresh Cafe
Fresh is the right way to get bold taste using the healthiest ingredients. go

Sharks are here but bite very rarely
You are smart to be careful. go

Locals know about Joe's Pizza
Nothing beats the cheaper eatery locations, so more cash goes to cocktails! go

Budget Friendly Ideas for Islamorada
One of the best things about Florida Keys Bridge Fishing is you will catch all sorts of things! go

Zombie Critters ride on the FKOHT Trail
It is called the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, and much of it is nicely placed way off of the road. go

Martinis Fine Wine and Liquor Store
It has decent prices too. go

Dream Spot for a Kayak Trip
The outdoor shower is great if you get too sweaty or dirty, and you do want to wear your swim trunks and hit the beach too. go

Florida Keys Skinny Dipping Locations
The special things you can see in the Florida Keys have to include lots of opportunities to see both the sunrise and sunset! go


Local Districts

Jewfish Creek Condo Rentals
The first thing we wanted to do was get out on the under the bridge waterway. go

Dog Friendly Hotels in Marathon Florida
Here you get a very clean and traditional hotel experience, a no worries way to book a Florida Keys Vacation. go

Private Villa Style Property
If you are going to swim, go to Smathers Beach on high tide and Fort Taylor anytime with its deep water and always churning water. go

Places to take the entire Family
You are being watched, and I give my thanks to this wonderful organization for a terrific event. go

Fantastic Five Nights in May
You can pick your rental period, rather than the typical condo rentals out here. go

Super Yummy
Winner of the best cookies in Key West contest. go

Biking on the Island adds variety
We love the perimeter of the island and the A1A trail is something that we go on every day during our vacation. go

Seafood Paradise Forever

We are very proud of being in the middle of it all, Marathon Florida Keys is the hub. Just as pretty is Long Key, Key Colony Beach, and Duck Key. A group of small island cities, and we work together to ensure that we retain a high quality of life. The focus is on being highly Clean and Green. Keeping the love for the fish, seafood, and cold beer. We welcome you to the islands, for a long stay or even just a visit on the way down to the friend Key West. Seafood paradise forever.

Shelia R.

Lower Keys Plant Fair Weekend

Funny is the first rain ever on your new trees from the plant fair! Every week there is Something New to see. The lower keys tree show was fantastic. What is that pink tree that blooms so nice called? What is the name of the tree company that you bought from? It would be good to know and look up their website. The literature provided should have the name on it. We need more tree plant fairs and free mulch and free shells for the driveway weekends!

Daryl J.