Any gift of the Florida Keys needs to be really colorful or have a dolphin as part of the scene

The Island Jewelry Bar
You don't need our help to locate the five-dollar fluff and cheap T-shirts. go

Nice Array of Products
Things are just a bit different here with the big chef as the star of the show. go

Five Dollar Man
We always stop in and pick up some cheap gifts. go

Fishing Location Recommendations
Key to success is good local knowledge of what you need to catch what is biting today! go

Flea Market
Getting some deals on the food helps us locals and visitors. go

Everything for your Dog
Being a doggie owner, I just had to send you this dogs on duval street video. go

Hot Sauce beats the Grocery Store
There is no need to eat boring food, even eggs in the morning scrambled or fried can be made a lot better. go

Nice T-Shirts
Why wouldn't they love it here as the Hogs Breath is a happening place. go


Shipping Your Order

Number One for Sunset Cocktails
We always now mix up the sunset celebrations, as there a bunch of different spots that rock for fun. go

Swimming Pool Excellence
What a reward place to stay that puts its best foot forward for the guest to love it as home. go

Upper Keys Bird Park
Everything is easy to explore and it is nice and close-up. go

The best part was the Beach Shoreline
I love the area and all the watersports. go

Community of Vacation Rentals
Get a rental here and you will be very happy, just bring your bicycles. go

Boat Docking for over night stays on the island
You could not find a more special area to explore, go sightseeing, or to be your dockside home during your Key West Vacation. go

Riding the unpredictable Bull
I like being surprised and do not even check the bar's event calendar, we just go! go


Florida Keys loves our Cats

Shipping Your Order

It is time for me to let out the secret. I have been planning for months. I think you should get a new little kitty to make Kitty-Pooh-Junior's happy when you travel. Molly would just have to feed Grandpa and the grand kid kitty. You have one sweet kitty, so might as well have two. They can play together, and never be lonely. Your kitty will never be lonely. What a great gift. My Christmas gift to you is: A new super-little-kitty-pooh-juniors-two. We are picking he or she up at the Southernmost Vet Hospital. It is all arranged. Yes, you get a six toed kitty for christmas. The six toed kitty can beat up Bully Cat.

Herman A.