Be ready for any and everything when out in the boat

Remember to get the Discount Coupon
The Tall Ship ride on the Western Union was a very special treat. go

Top Rated Sea Voyage Adventure
Great for walking and sightseeing too! go

Going Undersea at the Islamorada Dive Museum
Vintage old style diving gear and diving machines were neat to see. go

Snake Creek Cut in Islamorada
It is our job always to circle the islands and find all the boater friendly bars. go

Kayak Drop and pick Up
Standup paddling, sup or paddle boarding has been surging in popularity among visitors to the Florida Keys. go

Reel in Big Fish
The cute little puffer fish was a small part of a dream dive trip out of Captain Hooks. go

Diver Education Center
What fun we had and could not have had a better boat captain. go

Boat Ramps
What a super place for some watersports. go


Voyage on the Waterways

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
Oh so special are family times playing and enjoying all of the options along the Overseas Highway. go

Get some Live Bait for Islamorada Fishing
Our favorite local tackle shop, as we tend to fish own our own. go

Where to grab a beer by Mallory Square
A whole group of us were down for vacation from South Florida (Naples area) and we like to party, dine out, and see all of the sightseeing attractions. go

Do not miss Island Days Art Show
This is a community treasure. go

Go for a Really Entertaining Weekend
During our trip the best thing we did was the Party Boat Fishing Trip. go

Shorts, Tops, and Sundresses
Very cool to browse the racks and find discount dotted treasures before they are all gone. go

Super fishing park at the Channel Four Bridge
The people behind the bridge improvements really had the regular visitor in mind, they are super for sightseeing or fishing. go


Take an Ocean Vacation Voyage

Voyage on the Waterways

What sort of pfd safety vest is the key to remaining safe? The family is planning on going out with my neighbors this coming labor day weekend. I was concerned about my children's safety and need your help. We are taking a vacation and this will be a ocean vacation voyage leaving from Fort Lauderdale to hit Key West. Out in the atlantic. There is a lot of water out there! What sort of safety vest is the key to remaining safe? Big fun is a long boat ride on a pretty day. The boating in monroe, broward and Miami-dade county is just the best. You are sure in for a big treat.

Marcie O.