Do not miss the six toed cats

You see so much on the Way
Drop and load locations at Higgs Park, Clinton Square, Key West Bight, Eco-Discovery Center, and on Duval Street. go

Halos and Horns Fantasy Fest Pool Party
Just walk towards the northern end of the Harbor Walk, a little bit past Schooner Wharf. go

Ultimate Salad and the Marinara Dish
Your spot for fresh and organic vegetables in Key West is at the Fleming Street Farmers Market, it is great. go

This is where they have the Bikini Contests
The ladies do know how to put on a really good show. go

Act Now for Reef Relief
Everyone can help out with reef cleanup. go

Great View
You might also want to consider this as an alternative to the traditional sunset spots. go

Perfect for a Key West Party
Store the main phone line into your cell phone, just in case you need to contact them during the day. go

Bicycle Repair in Key West
Yeah, Eaton bikes was open and we zoomed over in the car. go


Close to Home

Restaurant Winners on Duval Street
I have to brag over this spot as the best place to get an iced tea and ponder the menu for a walking day snack. go

1514 Bertha Street Grocery Store
Whatever is close by and satisfies your need is the target for orange juice, milk, eggs, sandwiches, and beer. go

Where to go swimming in Key West
When the winds are calm, the visibility can be outstanding. go

Porch Swings by Mayan, Hatteras, and Caribbean
You will be thinking of what the best place is at your home to add a little bit of flare. go

Zombie Critters ride on the FKOHT Trail
It is called the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, and much of it is nicely placed way off of the road. go

Conch Style Casual Ambiance
Things never stop turning and moving in the city center, what fun. go

Tip-to-Top Fine Resort
We sure did love staying here, everything was just fabulous and would certainly recommend it to others. go

Cocktails on Cat Island

All Florida Keys cats want to stay out at night. As pet owners just know about water intake, which is a cocktail to your kitty. On the summer nights like tonight that you think kitty might be allowed to stay out all night, what about putting a little water bowl. Just a small one. He might run around and chase critters and get winded and Catman Kitty will want some water. I noticed a lot of times he hits the water first when he comes in. I can hear him licking it up. It seems like a good idea to give him some water from now on overnight! Everyone should do it, we as pet owners can do it when I am there. Overnight Catman Kitty wants his water please. Kitty friend and helper Florida Travel Commander.

Marcus W.

Island of the Catman Kitty

Expect trouble with the Catman Kitty, as he thinks we are going rv-ing all over Florida. He was already told this week was Florida Travel Commander and kitty week. He said it was a reunion to the san fransisco heat week. He will be mad, because he was promised rv-ing travel fun! Please calm him down. He will be mad, mad. We need him ready for Mallory Square in one week. Once a cat becomes a star there is no stopping him.

Gustavo V.

Get more Locals

We have to get more locals into Bocce and softball, they are great in Key West, Marathon, and Big Pine Key! I have a friend, jason that I met at the Bocce league. We've been friends for a few years, he plays softball at the kennedy boulevard park and is the gm at the Two Friends restaurant and we hit it off years ago and have just stayed friends. These days we are each other's date at the Casa Marina ball, or when we have to have one for those things where you just have to take a date. We've always been just friends, nothing else, which most people don't believe. I am so excited as we are going to the Sloppy Joe's music concert tonight with his brother and sister-in-law and more importantly his niece and nephew and my oldest niece. This is nice having people share in the fun of the island. We love visitors, it is fun. Tomorrow we are going on the ultimate reef trip, I can do the super slide with the kids and no one will think I am weird. Ha, I love the vacations to the Florida Keys!

Rachael R.