Do you need Ideas for a Magical Signature Dinner

Best Family Friendly Restaurants
This is one of the best family-friendly restaurants on the island. go

Going Delicious on Caroline Street
I come to find out these are huge in the states. go

Florida Keys Scoop-able Power
Try something crazy good, it is the rage here in the Florida Keys. go

Flavors good for all Summer
Every time we end up on this end of Duval Street we just have to take our children here. go

Key West Music Bars that Blast it
Thing could not be more fun at this zany restaurant and music bar. go

Performs magic with Jumbo Pink Shrimp
This trip was a super discovery, the Lobster House at A&B Marina Dockside is the real deal. go

Key West Pina Colada Saloon
All of their food is yummy, plus toss in the fantastic views of the people and parties on the Duval Street Entertainment Zone. go

Bars that pump the Music Loud
Could a town have more interesting places to explore? go


Tantalize any Palate

Celebrating the Art of the Florida Keys
This is the kind of thing that's great for all ages. go

Key West Vacation Specials
The entire area in and around the resort is too perfectly beautiful. go

Refreshing Florida Keys Oceanfront Vacations
Vacations when the water is nice means lots of time splashing! go

Be Your Own Boat Captain
If you love snorkeling, then Key West Marine Park offers some of the best offshore snorkeling in all of the Florida Keys, just seven miles or so from the shore. go

Old Town Quick Stop
On the Island of Key West, one does not necessarily go to a big fancy supermarket. go

Wet Shoe Sandal Product Line
See the cool flag and kite shop close by. go

Bring your Lobster Catching Kit
Hotels and the boat ramps are packed, so plan ahead to get in a room reservation. go

Bistec Empanizado Latin Style

If you've ever had deep-fried steak from a florida keys Cuban Restaurant, you will be in bliss. The popular bistec empanizado is marinated, coated in crushed crackers, and then pan-fried until golden. Here are the ingredients you need starting with One cup flour. One quarter cup fresh squeezed orange juice. One eighth cup fresh squeezed lemon juice. Three eggs, lightly beaten. Two cups cracker meal made from ground cuban or soda crackers. Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste. One eighth cup fresh squeezed lime juice, plus a few lime wedges for garnish. Three garlic cloves, peeled and mashed with a mortar and pestle. One quarter tsp ground cumin. One half tsp dried oregano. One pound top sirloin steaks, visible fat removed, pounded to one quarter inch thickness. Canola oil for frying or cook with fat-free cooking spray to save calories. I hope you love making bistec empanizado like we do.

Erma U.

Wide Selection of Liquor Cocktails

The wine festival with the mile marker twenty four band playing is going to be great. General admission is $10 per person or the vip tickets, which include tastings, are $55. Stop and get the greek omelette at sharkey's pub. The egg dish has feta cheese, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, Peppers, and onions. We are looking for a place to get chicken wings like the recipe. I love delicious oversized classic american entrees, a strong pour bar with a wide selection of liquor cocktails and major domestic brews.

Celeste L.