Eating pink shrimp by the waterfront is a good thing

Simple Classic Recipe Menu
This is my pick for a great hamburger or the classic conch fritters. go

All about Yummy
We love a restaurant which prides itself on serving quality culinary creations in a quirky environment. go

Eating and Drinking Award Winners
Iced tea, a really good sandwich and hot fries will have you energized for more sightseeing until happy hours time. go

Best Family Friendly Restaurants
Did you know that mattheessen's half pound cookies measure over six inches in diameter, perfect to split. go

Fleming Street Smoothie Shop
This one is made with a mix of red-black beans, picadillo, and their secret seasoning, plus the rice! go

Every Slice is Pizza Perfection
My pick for ingredients includes Genoa Salami, Enchilada Sauce, Meatball, Fresh Garlic, Roasted Ham, Provolone Cheese, Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, and Basil Pesto. go

Crazy Good Squid Salad
Be sure to try a spring roll, stuffed full of an interesting mix of ingredients. go

Key West Beer Delivery
The views in the evening from the second or third floor are just too fun. go


Snag a Table

Places She will want to Shop
The interesting jewelry caught our attention right away. go

Southernmost Scuba Dive Trips Daily
The hardest part is to figure out where you want to go and which day you want to go out. go

Finding the Local Must See Spots
So, plop your beach chair right along the shoreline for the best views of it all! go

Classic style Key West Bar and Cafe
The menu is full and has lots of meals with fish and grits! go

Bring your Boat Hotel
Very popular with boaters is the ability to quickly get over to the Mallory Docks from your hotel. go

Use your Bicycle to see Fun Stuff
The charts of the area listed the area now known as Key West as Cayo Hueso, which translates into Bone Island. go

Perfectly Balanced Flavors
We always get eight to fifteen fish, and then they are filleted up and we put them in the hotel refrigerator. go


Finding the Best Beer Bars

Snag a Table

What is the best beer to get in the Florida Keys? Here are some suggestions from Irish Kevins bar staff. Winners include: boddington's english pale ale - fat tire american ale - founders dirty bastard ale - bell's two hearted ale - sweetwater 420 american ale - jai alai american ipa - angry orchard cider - stella artois - smithwicks irish red ale - harp lager - and bass pale ale! Pick your beer to go with the smoked turkey sandwich loaded with honey baked ham, swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing and coleslaw served on sourdough bread pressed.

Wesley L.