Enjoy a very cool tour of history

Duck Key Sightseeing Overlook
This old bridge was nicely converted into part of the Overseas Pathway Trail System. go

This Mermaid features Lobster Crab Cakes
Get live music seven nights a week. go

More than a Snorkeling Park
This is one of the places in Key West that you just cannot miss. go

Remaindering the Island Legions
Do it during the day and not at night! go

Learn about the Past
He was one of the city's early pioneers in the seafood industry and got very rich. go

Old Home Mansions
Each location has a marker clearly seen out front with details to read for a quick summary. go

Lighthouse look out Tower
One of the neat things you learn on the tour is the unbelievable time line that this structure has withstood. go

Seeing the Parade of Key West Landmarks
Use your bicycle for any missed on the tour. go


Learn Your History

Fine Stay in the Keys
By making your reservations as late as possible, you get to control how nice the weather conditions are gonna be for the reef trips. go

Toasted Bread is why Subway is a Winner
The subway shop is top notch and has very good pricing for lunch or dinner. go

Where to get a book in Islamorada
Flowers blooming is just a small part of the offerings at the Public Library Branch. go

Big Thumbs up to the Gang
Watch the schedule here as they have ongoing specials. go

Cutest little spot for Coffee and Sweets
Yes, Mile Marker 87 holds a true gem! go

Hotels that are excellent for Fantasy Fest
Just use bikes to explore farther away parts of the island. go

Hotels Perfect for Boaters
Take your boat or take your bicycles to the bars in this town. go


Six-Toed Hemingway Kitty Cats

Learn Your History

It was neat to see his house as I just loved the book: a farewell to arms. Tours take an hour, but you can do it alone or piggy back on the various tour talkers. Rare it is to walk around a house built in 1850s. Look for the very cool six-toed Hemingway kitty cats. I love to see all of the national historic landmark on the islands and there are plenty. I would have never thought way back they a house could have such beautiful gardens and a Huge Swimming Pool.

Chelsea T.