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Best of the Florida Keys Recipes
A huge favorite of us locals, this is a true class island bar. go

Top-Five Florida Keys Bar
Keep a close eye out on the event schedule at the Hog's Breath, as they feature a wide array of daily live music and entertainment. go

Cool Things to See in Key West
You can tour it all on bicycles, the best way to arrive and move inside the Truman Annex. go

Locals know about Joe's Pizza
Stop in for a delicious slice or two. go

Predators and Prey Come Out to Play
See as many of the Fantasy Fest Events as you can cram into your schedule. go

Enjoying the Outdoors in Key West
What a cool part of town, right on the scenic bicycle pathway. go

Scooter Rentals
The most enjoyable vacation is only possible cruising on a scooter, trust me! go

Take the Bus in the Florida Keys
The service is nicely low priced, clean, and highly dependable. go


General News

Going on the Boat Rides
You will likely see some dolphins, and of course the waterfront area is really nice to see from the boat. go

Big Collection of Motorcycle Apparel
This is a retail focus on the land of motorcycles and clothing accessories. go

Very nice spot for Gifts
Keep that in mind when you're trying to save a buck. go

Elevated Parade Viewing Location
You can have a party out front at the bar every night of the week. go

Rum Runner Bar in the Lobby
We really like the action of the city and it was a pleasure to stay so very close to everything. go

Big Flavors hit the Florida Keys
I come to find out these are huge in the states. go

Learning how to use Paddle Boards
Post this video to all and they can see how easy it is to use a paddle board. go

Pet Friendly Locations

I want to comment for us that are pet owners. Seems like Catman Kitty pooh juniors is plenty mature and he should get vip treatment on vacation in the Florida Keys. There are lots of places which are pet friendly including Pet Friendly Restaurants on the waterfront. Treat your pet nice on your trip. Yes anytime he wants all night outside, like tonight with a fifty percent wonderful Florida Keys moon view! Let him out please per Florida Travel Commander!

Bart B.

Tips for Vacation Trips

Going on a trip out of the Florida Keys cost me here at home. I have just had a water bill for $348 and nearly dropped dead. I did not turn the water off outside. Calling my friend and my message did not work, could you walk around please and see what is going on? Andrew has a key to the pool so next I thought. I will contact him and see if he can open it. The pool man comes usually on a Wednesday lunch time, he will fix it. I will try and ring him too. I phoned upper keys water and they are going to check on that too. Phew to leaks and thank you to spread the word to local people. Turn the water off when leaving for long periods or even weekends.

Fermin N.

Something New

Even in the Florida Keys we have to go to the doctor. Oncologists in Key West are beloved! The fishing captains need a day off every now and then. When the captain turns fifty it is time to look inside! Forget about worrying about the 20th, it a breeze. I went biking riding about three hours after. Walking down the beach will be good, and you will want to do that. To get out and celebrate after getting something new done to make you preventative healthy. The micheal jackson drug wears off in about ten minutes total. It is good to chill for three hours or so. It is an eighteen hour event, with the prep water drinking, sleep and the doctors office. Trust me, it is nothing like Space Mountain. I can do some patio fixing while you are resting inside. Catman Kitty circus and I need you to live! It is good to visit the oncologists in Key West!

Loren R.