Festive events and happenings are on going year round

Everyone Loves Key West Sightseeing
Everything has a great deal of history attached to it and the buildings must keep the original look and feel. go

Super Family Sightseeing Spot
Pick a really pretty day out to have the most spectacular views. go

Clean Beaches are so Nice
We also love the patio style beach bar here, Salute! go

Zany Places to Eat and Drink
This poolside bar is one of the finest establishments in town. go

The beaches are very clean
This is one of the top attractions on the island of Key West, and it is beautiful. go

Breezy option to exploring Key West
Two thumbs up to Mr Steve, our spectacular driver. go

This Buoy Has a Long History
This nearly 9 ton buoy was deposited here in 1983, since the thieves were consistently taking all of the other signage but here on display. go

Something Fun and Crazy Every Single Day
It was amazing, as Duval Street is better than ever. go


Best of Times

Hilton DoubleTree Resort
One thing to be careful of is the weather and make sure you plan for perfect weather activities and less than perfect weather activities. go

Super Trip to Key West
If you are making plans to come down and vacation in Key West during this weekend festival, you are in luck! go

Middle Keys Stopping Spots
What a sight it is, as it caught my eye while traveling on my bicycle in Marathon. go

Lovely Area of Tavernier
Use your map carefully and you can see some real special things on your way down towards Key West. go

Key West Lunch Deals
All of the most scenic nature is found off the clusters of undeveloped islands on the backcountry side of US1. go

Modern ramp can handle Big Boats
Easily one of the very best spots for both boaters and beach lovers is Bahia Honda Park (mile marker 37). go

Picking out a nice Island Hotel
We figured it was great just with the name. go

All time Best Things

I was so impressed with the Catman circus at Mallory Square. This is the number one all time act on the docks. Tell the kitty that it has been proclaimed super kitty chase weekend. Not just a little bit, but full speed around the house and around the yard. Cats can do so much. Give him a little extra for food, since he is going to burn it off! Do some chase around tonight for warm ups. It is time to train the cat to be just like the Catman circus.

Nelda J.

Outlandish Pleasures

The Villains Vixens Party every October is the sweet event of the year, Fantasy Fest. The theme changes every year and that is part of the charm. The fanged vampires and villains of all sorts do have a blast and it shows in the laughter. Not for the children, Key West is known for outlandish pleasures. It is fun, and leave the kids at home. For a good meal with your sweetheart, what a sweet venue is the Pier House Wine Bar, perfect to host music, food, and fun. They promote it as Island Night and you can expect the hottest of the Local Music Scene. It is a nice area over by Mallory Square and my pick for a hotel is the Ocean Key Resort. Nothing beats the Ocean Key Sunset Pier Bar for an all around perfect time along the waterfront. This place is highly famous for its frozen cocktails and the ideal location. For a bit of nature like no other, see the Butterfly Garden. Do not miss this Key West attraction, especially if you are a Florida Keys nature lover! I believe it is the little things here in Key West that make it all special, the live bands are awesome and so is the nature.

Leslie F.