Fishing on any sized boat is a good time

All about the Florida Keys Mutton Snapper
The group supports thoughtful efforts to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable and people that work in the industry will continue to make a living at commercial fishing in the county. go

Excellent for All Ages to Enjoy
Going out on a really decently priced party boat is a sure thing for everyone that loves a good time. go

Bottom Reef Fishing is so easy to do
Fishing in Marathon is a pleasure and we like to catch yellowtail and mahi because they are so good to eat. go

Family Fishing Fun on Key Largo Vacation
The kids loved the fishing and caught six. go

Everything you need at the Matecumbe Bait Shop
We tend to try to get our own live bait or we stop in when we drop in the boat. go

Catching Fish
They all want to discuss bars, restaurants, and seafood. go

Go Fishing with a Professional Guide
We caught mahi and trigger fish for keepers, and plenty of others that were released back in the sea. go

MM83 Fishing Rod Shop
This is one of the stores to expand your fishing line and buy a pure Florida Keys style rod. go


Redfish Club

Romantic Pleasureful Hotel
I really like the location, kind of right on the edge of the main action. go

Fun and Playful Key West Hotels
Very impressed with our stay, every aspect was wonderful. go

Quick Service Deli
I like the variety with the selection between hot or cold sandwich, plus the healthy salads. go

Hot Pasta Dishes and Pizza
When you are on the go in Key West cruising around checking out the sites, grab a bite of pizza and this is the spot! go

Homemade Gourmet Pizza Shop
Pile on the toppings, order it basic or as complex as you want to make it. go

Chicken Wings
One of the best dishes on the island is the fish taco delight. go

Top Rated Key Largo Breakfast
Good one for all those staying in the Upper Keys or driving through. go

Voyage of a Lifetime

This is the kind of thing where we knew it was going to be once-in-a-lifetime. That we've done it and had such a good time, we will be doing this at least one day on each vacation trip down to the Florida Keys. Most people can't afford to go out two or three times during a vacation so if you can work one good day of fishing out on a professional trip, that would be a good plan. Make sure to get a good nights sleep so you can get up early and get going. You want to be at full speed mentally to absorb and enjoy every bit of this including pictures at the dock before you leave with your camera. Have smiles on your face all day when you are on a voyage of a lifetime. There's a lot of different fish that you can catch out here which makes it kind of mysterious.

Jodi L.

Going for Yellowtail Snapper

Hey mister Florida keys fishing captain. That's fantastic on catching so many Yellowtail Snapper! Ok, I won't tell Catman circus kitty. I don't want him to be jealous. Cats love fish and you have to put them outside when you are eating dinner!

Kristina Y.