Fishing out on a boat is the coolest of the nature sports

Catching fish has never been so fun
Do try as many of the water based activities you can squeeze out of your Florida Keys vacation budget. go

Live Bait Center in Islamorada Key
Catch some big fish to make your summer trip special! go

Catching the Big Fish of the Day
Having taken this trip on numerous occasions, this must get our highest rating possible. go

Shallow Water Bonefish
The mighty bonefish is a big treat to catch, as small or large they really fight. go

In and Out Beer Store
Fishing is a lot of fun when you can pop in to the live bait store. go

Skillful Fishing is an Art
We go diving and fishing on each trip, so it is fun to learn more about the Bermuda Chub (Limits, Rules, Regulations). go

Watching the Fish Strike the Bait
What a nice condo amenity, a dream place to fish is the property's Vaca Cut Fishing Pier. go

Hook and Cook your daily fish catch
Keep it on ice or in the hotel refrigerator. go


Looking for Keepers

Pennekamp Park Area Sports Bar
Music, wings, grilled fish, etc. go

Daily Homemade Muffins at Harriette's Key Largo
This is a special opportunity to be treated so nicely. go

Things on the Key West Bicycle Tour
From the top end of the street to the end is a huge assortment of cafes, bars, and shopping stops. go

Super for Cuban Food
They do know their pork dishes and the lechon asado is primetime. go

Tasty is the Pineapple Mojito
Try to get one of the tables or bar stools overlooking main street. go

Ultimate Upper Keys Sub Shop
One of the neatest place in town, quick and easy. go

Smile While Burning Calories
Be sure to know the reef wave heights, so you can pick a low wave day to go. go

Reeling in some Fish Dinners

We like to use the tackle store on north roosevelt boulevard. Here is where you stop on the way to drop your boat at the launch within Key West City Marina. They have all your fishing needs covered for gear, tackle advice, rods, and everything that is hot on the water. Your fishing pole can get some good use in the Florida Keys.

Ruthie D.

Full Moon Fishing is Awesome

The moon is so bright tonight and that makes for entertaining night fishing. Of course, all that brightness brought bully black sharks around. We got a bunch of keepers but lost a few as the sharks ate them off the hook. Don't forget to look at the blood red moon at 3:45am. Fullmoon fishing is one of the coolest things to do.

Violet C.

Deep Water

The Key Colony Beach marina fishing trip is looking good. The boat at is waiting for us. We are supposed to get a light cold front on Friday. Temps will be in the 70s this weekend, and 50s at night. Watch for the forecast wind, which means everything. It will be good weather for getting out and doing deep water stuff. Just make sure to bring some warmer clothes.

Bernard U.