For the Boater, the Upper or Middle Florida Keys are Excellent

The Pennekamp Glassbottom Boat
We went out mid-week and it was about half full or less, just the best ride ever. go

Key Largo Restaurants on the Water
There's a kayak launching area that has rentals right next door to the restaurant, where you can rent by the hour or all day. go

All Ages can Parasail
There may not be a better place to play above it all in Florida. go

Tea Table Relief Bridge in Islamorada
If you are new to the area, this is the lower end of the main section of Islamorada. go

One on One Kiteboarding Lessons
The location is ideal for teaching and riding. go

Nurse Sharks bite when you pull out the hook
ANSWER: There have been a lot of people in the news down here, as some people do some really silly things, starting with fishing without a valid license. go

Very Satisfied with the Key Largo Dive Reefs
It was so sweet to have the dive boat right here at our hotel, the Upper Keys Marriott. go

Taking a Key Largo Reef Voyage Trip
The snorkel trips happened throughout the day and the sunset cruise begins an hour or two so before sunset. go


Huge Boating Area

Boat Dock Parking
Just a true pleasure to stay in an area of the keys that has it all. go

Upper Florida Keys Quick Food Spots
Just look for the giant lobster, the huge sculpture which is a legendary attraction on its own. go

Fish Cooked in Citrus Juices
Lucky folks renting rooms near mile marker eighty can walk or ride bicycles to the restaurant. go

Neat Stuff is the Historic Places
Our last trip to the Florida Keys landed us in Islamorada at the Holiday Isle. go

Try the Hampton Inn at Mile Marker 80
ANSWER: The huge swimming pool at the Islamorada Hampton Inn is a prime time winner and just made the trip for us. go

Top pick is the Pollo Versailles
Opens at early and stays open through dinner time. go

What we like to do the most
For all those that enjoy exploring the outdoors, watersports, and fine seafood, this is a top notch place for them. go


Places for Pitstops

Huge Boating Area

I am waiting for the rain to pass at the skyway bridge. I will leave in about a half hour, around 11am. Getting to the Florida Keys from the Tampa bay area is not a bad trip at all. It takes about two one-half hours, maybe three hours at the most to get all the way down to the Naples area, where you will cross the everglades. We like to take highway forty-one rather than the main interstate system when we cross over the everglades area. If you look at a map on google, and looked down from the sky at the streets you will notice it is more of a direct route if you drive highway forty-one to the Florida Keys. From St Petersburg or Tampa, you're looking at about six hours total to get down here. We often take our time driving down through the keys itself, to take advantage of some really good places for pitstops. Once you drive over the Jewfish Creek bridge, you will feel like it is party time. There is plenty of eye candy to look at from Key Largo all a way down to the Southernmost Point.

Gladys M.