Fun times are vacation trips along the south florida waterfront

Super Places to Call Home
Great hotel service, the rooms were clean and nice. go

Sweet Bed and Breakfast Hotel
Everything was very clean, and that was hugely important to us. go

Take Advantage of the Views
What a big and beautiful hotel complex that was designed to let you take advantage of the views. go

Sweet Times on the Oceanfront
The swimming pool looks right out onto the ocean, next to the Southernmost Beach! go

Facebook Fans of Ocean Key
The balcony because the top spot on your trip and I love cocktails with a view! go

Cheaper Hotels on the Upper End
However, we use the saving for the transportation rental and put the rest of the cash back into our pocket. go

Special spot for a very nice Vacation
Speaking of deals, the most interesting attraction in town is Mel Fishers Treasures. go

Nearby Tennis is a free bonus
As you leave the dock, only one bridge is between you and the ocean, which is a five minute no wake zone cruise away. go


More Road Trips

Two Stop Snorkel
You can tour Sunset Key, do loops around Key West, as they have lots of fun trips. go

Lower Keys Shuttle Service
These guys always come through, call them from anywhere on the island. go

Super for Cuban Food
They make the perfect Cuban Mix, a Cuban sandwich with lettuce and tomato and mango sauce. go

Chicken Salad
A super Key West restaurant pick for omelets is Camille's Restaurant. go

Playful Things to Do for Smiles
We had a blast here and would recommend it big-time. go

Things to Hang on the Wall
Everyone needs a fine art piece. go

Yummy Pizza is 7 Days a Week
Eating for cheap and with a view is so nice. go

Florida Hotel Booking Picks

Booking a vacation trip is a great thing to do. Welcome to Key West! Summer will be here before you know it and the glorious Key West sunshine is calling your name. Key West doesn't have any super-highways or urban sprawl to radiate the sun's heat. The islands are surrounded by cooling ocean waters. The sun will keep you longing for pina coladas and a cool dip in the pool. At the peak of summer, the average high is 88 and that is as hot as it gets with the ocean breeze. This beautiful island is soaked in sunshine and the surrounding ocean is waiting to lure you in and cool you down.

Tamika M.

Vacation Headquarters

It takes quite a bit of planning to figure out a good spot to stay when you're heading down to an island. Most people ought a plan on spending a week or so thinking about the location you are considering, and make sure you look at the videos of the property. It is really nice to get a good look at the rooms and kitchen with a video walk-through like they do at the Knowles House. A great place to stay to party and hit the water sports while your in the keys. It is in the b&b line and the breakfast is so yummy. We like staying in the older properties that have been fixed up nicely such as the Cypress House. Find this on the corner of simonton and caroline, this is right in the action. Makes a great sightseeing vacation headquarters. Very popular is being near the Duval Street city center. Most people really get into the Southernmost Guest House. This classic beauty is the place of legends, ghost stories, presidential stays, and the most romantic resort in the Florida Keys. We loved our stay at the guest mansion, as everyone there is just so nice. The rooms are cute and what makes it all so special is the location just off the famous Duval Street entertainment. Everyone on our trips always has a good time, because this city is way more entertaining than other places to visit. It takes a little more homework but worth every bit of the trouble.

Sheree H.