I love a very tasty hometown bar

Red Conch Chowder
Daily specials such as old fashioned meatloaf are the target of locals. go

Places locals enjoy for Beer and Wings
This is a top pick for sure. go

Keys Restaurants that do not Disappoint
I love those nice clips which shows off one of my top picks for Florida Keys Seafood. go

Nice View on the Waterfront
Here is the place for butterflied yellowtail prepared just right. go

Middle Keys Seafood Restaurants
A sure thing to do in this huge island city. go

Going out for Wine and Dinner in Marathon
I really enjoyed the Grilled Yellow-Fin Tuna Plate, as seafood is always the way to go in a commercial fishing town. go

Top Bar Stool Picks
We like a beer bar where everything is made to order with lots of care. go

Get those Big Giant Beers
The kitchen staff at Porky's has mastered the art of deep frying yummy things from the sea. go


Good Food Picks

Great Selection and Colorful
Within a few blocks of this shopping center there are super places for browsing. go

Boat Docking in the Middle Keys
Boaters will really enjoy the Middle Florida Keys, as nothing beats the area around the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Places to see near the 7-Mile Bridge
Our pick for a great time on the water is the Sister Creek Channel Park, perfect to use the kayak and cruise right in to Boot Key Harbor. go

Live Bait is the key to Florida Keys Fishing Success
As the seasons change, the top live bait option might be a bit different from month to month. go

Fish Tales Told Here
Nothing is better than getting a pound of Key West pink shrimp to share with friends on the dock with ice cold beer! go

Big artificial reef off Marathon
Limited parking and shallow water on low-tide must be considered, but the area is fantastic. go

Docking up at Burdines Bar
We went all over the area and cannot say enough good things about the middle keys boating. go

Eating Treats

Just an fyi, I would like to spend a lot of time in the pool at Dantes restaurant. It is hot and time for the bikini. Since it is a holiday weekend, I am going to make a special, secret treat! The cuban egg rolls are so good, and I have the magic recipe and make them twenty at a time.

Brad N.

Marathon Restaurants and Bars

That is a good idea Florida Travel Commander. I will try that, and get a pet sitter. Most Pets don't really like to travel that much anyway. They'll come along because the owner makes him get in the car, and they're looking outside the whole time or their crying inside during the drive. We have a lot of Pet Friendly Restaurants, but in general this is not an area that is conducive for people with pets. The islands are really small and any kind of parking from a dog is completely not respectable to the other people on vacation. When I got home my dog was fine, I got him to eat the pill tonight and then I gave him the rest of the can as a reward. He is just going through a phase. Thank goodness I did not bring them to the Florida Keys. This is one place that you don't need a dog.

Caryn O.

Beer Bars

Thank goodness we have so many great places to Go out to Eat in this town. Vacation pleasures could not be that much better than Sloppy Joe's bar and that's just the beginning of the good list in the Florida Keys for eating out at night. We stayed in Marathon for three nights and took one day to go down to Key West, and the Big Pine Key area is Very Entertaining for those that have bicycles to ride around.

We were really interested in the Sloppy Joe's Christmas Celebration. Could there be a better place where the family can celebrate a peaceful holiday season than get a table not too far away from the band. That's the key to all of the restaurants in town, go where the entertainment is the most effective to make everybody smile. I have to rave over the Ping Pong Bar and Dante's by the sea. We have a lot of good places for barbecuing that's another thing that keeps me happy with a cold beer in hand. I love that kraftbrands.com carolina style barbecue, there's something about the taste that just makes a day a little better.

Huey T.