I Would like for us to take a Vacation at Thanksgiving

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration
We meet so many people out around the swimming pool. go

Hyatt Docks
Imagine the rustle of palms as you sip cool drinks under island skies. go

Bicycle Vacation Resorts in Marathon Key
This is the kind of place that provides more value with regards to the overall vacation experience. go

Important Hotel Amenities for Boaters
Breezy Palms at mile marker 80 has it all, plus nice rooms and a splendid location! go

Highly Recommended for a good Time
We loved our week stay here on Coral Lane. go

Mile Marker 53 Island Hotel
I liked so much being on the Ocean with all the boats going by the shoreline. go

Hotels for the Boater in Key Largo
The hotel has tons of fun and is right on the main waterfront party zone. go

Top Family Resorts of the Florida Keys
We like to go fishing on the party boat, and bring the fish back and have a cook out by the swimming pool. go


Vacation Hotel Picker

Going on the Boat Rides
We were staying at the Hyatt front Street location and could watch the sale both, and that got us even more psyched up to do this. go

Fleming Street Smoothie Shop
They make 100 percent vegetarian, with all items prepared using the freshest of ingredients. go

Bayside La Siesta Marina
Bicycle travel is preferred on land. go

Very nice Eggs and Pancakes
Wow what a treat. go

Taking Dogs to the Florida Keys
Being out on the water is such a treat. go

Attractions at Mile Marker 82
Take your pick from small v-hulls to dual-engine catamaran style ships, anything that puts you on the water is your friend in the Florida Keys! go

Beer Bottle Cap is on the list
More playtime on the island leads to new discoveries of places that know how to have fun. go


Special Vacation Places

Vacation Hotel Picker

We came down for the thanksgiving week, a great time to enjoy the weather. This town has a lot to do. I really enjoyed the East Martello Museum. Thought provoking is the best way to describe the tour. You will get a rare glimpse into the way in was on the island. In the evenings we spent a lot of time over around Duval Street. The area just explodes after dark, while the daytime is more about shopping and dining. Both ends of the street have all sorts of Neat Things to Do. For the beach lover I would recommend Smathers Beach. It is a very popular beach area near the City of Key West Airport. Only during Spring Break is it crazy wild, as it is typically calm and very relaxing. The best place for photography has to be the Southernmost Point Buoy. One of the very Cool Places to Stop and take videos and Photographs. It has always been a special spot of the island.

Edgardo W.