I Would Recommend to Only buy What you Love

Summer Footwear in Style
I now recommend Wet Wearable Sandals and Boat Shoes. go

Buying a Dive Flag
This is the main area for all things for boating, reefs, and fishing on the Island. go

Fishing Location Recommendations
It is your Marathon fishing store serving all of the middle Florida Keys. go

Gift Ideas for the Sweet Tooth
I love the freshness, and the great mix of fruit chocolates. go

Overseas Highway Dress Shop
Ladies will want to stop in here and take a look at the large line of casual clothing for relaxing around the island or at a sunset party! go

How to cook with Key Limes
This is the snack of the island, perfect with coffee for breakfast, an afternoon bit to eat, or dessert after dinner. go

Artistry to See in Historic Old Town
Picking out something really special is part of the fun. go

Gifts on the Tropical Island
We also recommend the Fish Company and the Lorelei on the Gulf. go


Look for the Stores

This is the Place to Smile
It is a building that has two rental units. go

Nightly Old Town Dinner Specials
I come to find out these are huge in the states. go

Fleming Street Smoothies
My pick is the Latin Rice Bowl Sampler or any of the rice bowls really. go

Answers to Lower Keys Questions
They furnish all sorts of Florida Keys Information Materials. go

Critters to see on the Dive Trip
By all means have your video camcorder ready to shoot! go

Fried Shrimp Tacos
Easy to find in the middle of the tourist zone, so come get a fried shrimp basket! go

Hotel Destinations on Upper Duval
The property was built in 1898 and has a cool history to learn about. go

Everything is Marked Down

I went to kohl's today for the first time ever. It appears to be just like Bealls department store, everything is marked down. The store is high tech, where all the display items have an electronic display showing you the sale price. Every product has an electronic price. I have never seen that before. They had fifty percent off the men's shoes. It seemed in the mens department to be a much bigger, better, more selection store over Bealls. They have a store very close on Pine Island road, plus the one on kennedy in Key West.

Thad F.

Seasonal Goods

Seems to me that in Florida that you could buy a kite to fly at the park or at the beach, or maybe on the Shoreline somewhere any time of year. I want one to use at the pool at the Disney resort, and Orlando Vacation Planning is all about good toys to use! It seems like it's a seasonal good as I've been searching for it in the local stores and haven't had much luck in buying a cheap kite to fly in my backyard to spice up a party, maybe fifty feet up in the air. I did a search in the google search engine for the best kite for the backyard and the top thing that shows up in shop for google is the prism jazz stunt kite red from ll-bean, fifty-five dollars. Back some people call this backyard ballistics. I had no idea they had four dimensional kites which apparently are good for the backyard.

The Marathon Kmart didn't have any kites and I guess again because seasonal. Maybe I need to expand my search out a little bit to backyard toys that fly, as I was thinking about a kite but maybe something else is what I really need if the kite won't do it. It's fun to be creative and have something that makes a party or get together more entertaining. I originally wanted something that I could just time to my beach chair, let the kite do the work just by lingering up in the air. I've seen it many times on the beach and hoped I could find something. Maybe a remote-controlled helicopter trendtimes.com with electric power, that could be fun.

Elden I.