Island visitors get treated to some lush eating locations

Downtown Key West Bakery
We go in the mornings for coffee and a little pick-me-up treat. go

Casual Cafe
Tropical is the Shrimp Scampi served with the 90 miles to Cuban Bread Toast. go

Hidden Gem of a Restaurant
It's worth a drive to Stock Island for some really good food. go

Duval Street Sports Bar
We just have to keep up on the national sports scene, even here in the Keys. go

More Places that we love in Old Town
It is so close to Hemingway's home, he can just shout out his order before heading in! go

Eat out on the Picnic Tables
Sometimes the most overlooked spots are the very best. go

Shakes and Sweets at the Seaport
We love it out here by the Sunset Harbor Docks, and this is where our favorite Key West Ice Cream Shop is located. go

Sweet Sensations at Mallory Square
Yes, key lime pie dipped into chocolate is just one of a whole series of interesting recipes and tempting sensations for your mouth. go


All Delicious

So cool is the Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street
One of the cooler places to see a movie in Florida is the Tropic Cinema. go

Where to use the Bar Card
Everybody likes to save money on drinks. go

Sailing is how our Founders arrived
The Schooner Adirondack is really huge and just the right ticket for an island sunset sail. go

Ultimate Salad and the Marinara Dish
Your spot for fresh and organic vegetables in Key West is at the Fleming Street Farmers Market, it is great. go

Room Numbers you will remember
Our vacation stay was just wonderful, the rooms are so cute and tastefully decorated. go

Go here for a Mobility Vehicle
You can have a group or family go party and sightseeing together. go

Cheaper Hotels on the Upper End
However, we use the saving for the transportation rental and put the rest of the cash back into our pocket. go


Full Bottle of Fancy Appleton Rum

All Delicious

Lets go to the Rum Barrel restaurant tonight. I have the full bottle of fancy appleton rum! Please take a quick peek at the appleton rum website as I have one of those five bottles. Look at the prices, and you will see one of them is costly at five thousand. I have one of the appleton rums, it might be fancy, but it only cost twenty dollars! Being a rum historian is a tough job.

Melisa G.