It is nice to get a lot of boating time out on the water

Boat Ramps on Little Torch Key
Most people use two people to get the boat trailer back to the hotel parking lot. go

Upper Matecumbe Key Boat Hotel
The location at Mile Marker 82.7 puts guests right smack in the cool part of town. go

Where is good for boat trailer parking and dockage
The harbor itself has approximately seventy wet slips that you can rent out and park your boat in the water. go

Upper Florida Keys Boating Locations
Parking the boat trailer is limited, since the park is small. go

Marathon Boating Tips
Find it at mile marker 51 behind the huge Marathon airport runway. go

Boat Ramp at the Lorelei
The restaurant is a one of the most popular places to eat and enjoy the evening sunsets. go

Fishing Hotels with Ramp
This was our hotel pick, mainly because of the on property boat ramp and dock area. go

Lower Florida Keys Boat Ramp
With a kayak or boat, go here when driving down toward Key West. go


Start the Boat

South Florida Daytrips to the Reefs
It could not have been more scenic. go

Upper Keys Fishing Tackle Store
Our favorite local tackle shop, as we tend to fish own our own. go

Seven Mile Bridge
Use the map as there is plenty to see on the water. go

Wet Slips
If you tie off the boat correctly with all four sides a good spacing, everything will be fine and you can relax when you're out at your pilot house happy hour cocktail spot! go

Best Fishing Boat in the Florida Keys
Go to the docks the day before and see what is being caught, then pick the perfect weather day. go

Getting to Key West
Try to stay over one night, so you will have more time on Duval! go

Catching the Mahi-Mahi
Wow, what pleasure. go

Using the Boat Trolling Motor

Advice on important features to consider when buying trolling motors for boats. We really want to start to do more fishing and exploration in the skinny waters of Florida. Mainly we trailer the boat up and down the coastline from Boca Grande down to Key West. With very little knowledge of trolling motors, can you provide me with some advice on key features to keep in mind when buying a boat trolling motor? Answer: you should take a methodical approach, and understand each of the key elements. You can iron out your preferences, so you buy a trolling motor that will serve you well for many hours on the water. The boat trolling motor is perfect for the skinny water fishing.

Liz R.

Boating is Nicely Challenging

Living in the Florida Keys means dock issues. It might be time to call lower keys boat lift repair. Glad you are well. I am doing splendidly. Healthy, happy, with a big smile everyday! Grab a cocktail before I get into this! Kidding. This is not an emergency at all. I noticed the dock-lift fell into the water. It is not a huge issue, the dock wood is fine just the stuff hanging from the cables. Give me time to look at it in detail tomorrow. I wanted to know if there is power out on the dock if I need to use the lift to raise up? That is all I need from your now. My thought is to get it up out of the water, since water is an enemy of wood and metal. If I can get it up out of the water, secure and safe. You can fix later, no rush, which seems like the correct approach. Let me investigate further tomorrow, before calling lower keys boat lift repair. I will email you tomorrow. Look for an update tomorrow sometime. I will advise lower keys boat lift repair, just in case.

Melva A.