It is really nice in the Nature Parks

Very Special Nature Place
Walk super slow in knee deep water and you will spot fish swimming around your ankles. go

Catamaran Sailboats
You get a few hours of boating pleasures that all will surely enjoy. go

Bridge to Big Pine Key
Driving across the Seven Mile Bridge is not to be passed up. go

Journey to Flagler Island
One of the neatest photo opportunities is the dead end sign before the end of the bridge, where a car would fall into the ocean if allowed to pass. go

Hotels in the Action Center
Oh my is this place ever so well strategically located close to everything on the Key West waterfront. go

Visit Six Toed Cat House
For anyone over forty years old, hemingway is for you. go

Sightseeing for Nature Lovers
Learn all sorts of interesting facts about the life cycle and behavior of these beloved insects. go

Tropical Audubon Society Center
The tropical audubon society maintains the house and nature grounds. go


Tour the Area

Anne's Beach Park at Mile Marker 73
The park is nice for browsing the shoreline and looking for marine life. go

Recipes make the food special in the Florida Keys
We only get hotels that at least have a refrigerator in them so we can keep things cold. go

Stop 13 Hurricane Houses
Some of the better history of the Island can be found as you follow the Islamorada Historical Heritage Monument Trail. go

Dining With Children in Islamorada
Great homemade pizza is not difficult to find in the Florida Keys. go

Gift Center of the Upper Keys
I like to get a bunch of small items for my friends back in North Florida. go

Gold Medal Key Largo Sandwich Shop
Busy as it is really good. go

Hotels Perfect for Using the Kayak
I was very impressed with the property, and the money being spent to improve. go

City of Key West

This is a message to the city of Key West officials. Thank goodness for the Key West fix up man! You are the best, better than captain tony! These are the things I need a little help with: kitchen sink, kitchen floor piece, and that trash can that the Six-Toed Cats get into needs to be fixed. Life in the southernmost city means coconut trees and the neighbor trees need to be cut and chopped, since they drop on my side. I need help with getting the reclaimed water working. You put a hose on it. I don't think that hose is going to work. The water pressure is too strong and it will bust the hose, this happened to me a few months ago. I am not going to use those hoses any more. They don't work. Will you please help me get it off the reclaimed water spout? Please city of Key West, I pay you plenty!

Winston I.

For Sightseeing

The beauty of biking is taking a path less traveled. Wanna rocket on your way to day-care? Seek out those bike routes and bike boulevards, places where drivers expect to see folks on bikes. It's pretty fun to rent one of the scooters and really zoom faster than you can on an electric bicycle. The electric assisted cargo bicycles are very good for you to use for sightseeing and you have the opportunity to carry some food back with you to your hotel. You want to make sure you have a bicycle basket on any bicycle you rent. There's nothing worse than trying to carry a twelve pack of beer plus some milk and other groceries at the same time without a bicycle basket. Electric-assisted cargo bikes can keep you moving at a healthy clip. At that rate, you can afford to go further afield to find safe and fun riding conditions all over US1 and beyond.

Ursula T.