It is so Big-Smiles-Fun, we love the Sightseeing

Mini Grocery Store and Beer Shop
We got something nearly every day of our week-long pleasure trip to the Banyan House Hotel. go

Bar Card
Most of the time you get what you want, and lots of tropical drinks for buy one get one free. go

The cutest ever Florida Keys Golf Course
Just be careful not to hit a coconut off a tree and on your golf partner's head! go

Finding your way to Mile Marker Sightseeing Spots
The big party spot is on the far end, yes Mile Marker Zero in Key West! go

Fantastic Bike Ride over the 7-Mile Bridge
It is an impressive area, just pick either above or below the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Advice and Trip Planning Helper
This is where we stop to get all the up to date information on local events (weekends always have some sort of event to see). go

Support our Reef System
Anybody can volunteer that wants to do the good thing and help keep the debris down. go

Anything you need for Fishing
I love the underwater ship and all the sea life. go


Activities in the Area

Exploring the Island for Scenic Boating
We like to fish and snorkel in the direction of Pennekamp State Park. go

Flagler's famous Railway Hotel
We stay here because the property is walking distance from our favorite waterfront restaurants and bars. go

Beer Buying on Duval
What makes Key West so fantastic is the open alcohol policy, as adults have the ability to grab a low priced beer from the local markets and drink it as you walk along Duval. go

Hit the Traffic Free Fishing Bridges
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go

Louie's Backyard Public Beach
Most of them are small like the one here at the base of Louie's Backyard. go

Our family with a Boat in the Florida Keys
Restaurant dining is a breeze as you can take your pick of seafood cafes in both directions. go

Hotels down in the Florida Islands
It was Friday and we wanted to come down to Mile Marker Zero. go

Evacuation of your Pets

There is a big storm out there in the atlantic ocean. Cats hate big storms, so pack the kitty! That means it is time to pack the kitty, but not in a box! Not in that cage thing. He is a normal person and can move around the car just fine. Please skip the prisoner cage. The Hurricane named author has provided cat-man kitty with a super vacation trip! Yeah is the plan for evacuation of the kitty.

Marcella B.

Florida Keys Home Buying Checklist

One thing to make sure you do when buying a house in the Florida Keys, make sure the electrical is perfect. The house I bought has electrical problems and I am feed up with this. So I am going to fix it tomorrow, or begin the fix process. I have been reading up today on my situation and have a plan to problem solve for-the-duration-until fixed. Figures to me best to wait until first thing tomorrow, since I can open the garage, turn off the computer, and start the process. I am a boat captain and have no time for this, but cannot afford the electronic repair rates. Fix day tomorrow.

Trisha R.