Keep the great attitude and every hotel is the best it can be

Big Pine Key Park and Campground
It is neat to just hop in and out of the boat all day. go

Duck Key Resort
We had a blast right at the property and this is totally family-friendly type of place. go

Cheap Rooms along the Florida Keys Overseas Highway
The hotel is right off the Overseas Highway and the bike pathway. go

Best Florida Keys Resort
We love the bicycle riding, as that is the only way to go in the city of Key West. go

Take a cool Watersports Vacation
The on-site bars are welcome and refreshing when we did not want to go out after dinner. go

Memories to Last Us Forever
This place rocks! go

Locations for Nature
The hotel is a few miles up from the big island of Marathon, which has mega attractions to do. go

Private Villa Style Property
Biking the outter loop on the pathway is a great time, we loved the bicycle rides more than the Conch Train. go


Family Travelers Pick

When you're tired of walking, let someone else do the work for you. go

Boat Fuel in Marathon
Boating could not be much better than the area above the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Elevated Dining with Ocean Views
Eating healthy is a big thing to us, so getting the fried conch fritters was a one time each vacation event. go

City Center Memorial Gardens
Finding this location is quick and easy, as lots of signs point down to Mallory Square. go

Be sure to walk out on the Dock
We have to give them a little plug, as MM88 is an amazing restaurant, great host, and proud member of our Marathon Chamber! go

Islamorada Kayak Launch Locations
Such a pleasure to paddle in a one-of-a-kind place, so filled with nature. go

Super-duper Club Panini by the Chef
Just outstanding is the French Style Cafe at mile marker 82.2, where guests rave over the coffee, crepes, pastries and more. go


Super nice Vacation Room Rentals

Family Travelers Pick

Trip planning to the Florida Keys is a big deal or just go! Can we discuss your may trip this weekend at the community meeting? If we have time, lets talk together when we are driving to do things during the event season. Maybe we can figure out the perfect five year plan to help all enjoy the Florida Keys marine and nature life. Discussing for sure means we are both on board to the best ideas. Happy times booking for the Florida Keys!

Lakeisha E.