Keeping the hook wet means more keeper catching

Getting to know the Fish Types
We go diving and fishing on each trip, so it is fun to learn more about the Bermuda Chub (Limits, Rules, Regulations). go

Catching Bait on the Shore
In the middle of the island, Sombrero Park has some great bait catching spots on the extreme far ends of each side of the park boundary. go

Use live bait for higher catch numbers
Now do not think we do not love the bars and live music, but one must appreciate what got this whole entertainment thing going. go

Neat Things to Do in Islamorada
See you on the water! go

Go on a Backcountry Fishing Boat
Do try as many of the water based activities you can squeeze out of your Florida Keys vacation budget. go

Catch some Yellowtail Fish to eat for Dinner
I love the party fishing boat, the Marathon Lady, but fishing off the shore is so easy and you can do it on a whim. go

Picking out the value fishing trips
ANSWER: One of the most economical and really fun ways to fish is to go out is on the big boat that will have 15 or more people. go

Great fishing fun in the Florida Keys
The key is an experienced guide, like Capt. go


Creative Ways to Fish

Scuba Diver Hotel
You get to pick from a mix of scuba diving trips, there's the Sailors Choice party fishing boat, and they have lots of different reef snorkel trips to choose from. go

Boat Dockage Caloosa Suites
Everyday was a new adventure here at the Caloosa Cove, what a fantastic place to stay in the Florida Keys. go

Everyone enjoys Swimming Pool Toys
Sometimes we just love to be treated like honor citizens and that is what we get here at Simonton Court Resort. go

Top Rated for Customer Satisfaction
What can be better than a Key West drinking tour, for adults only of course. go

Where do runners go in the Florida Keys
I just had to send you this video highlighting our savory 7-Mile Bridge. go

Cubita Coffee and More
Because, if you do the expectations are for each to receive a gift from the islands. go

Galleon Seaport Marina Resort
The pool is just fantastic and the oceanfront beach bar. go

Staying Alive for more Fishing Trips

Tell everyone on the Key West fishing team roaster that meeting about colon screening was right on the money. We had that meeting about a year ago and it helped me to get it done. I had the follow up on the phone with the nurse today. The key good point was all four polyps found were pre-cancerous. Key is pre-cancerous, as they got them out before growth into more dangerous cancer cells. While that is great news, I do have to go back in three years. They apparently take five years to form, so coming back in three years is standard if they find pre-cancerous polyps. It also might mean that if I waited five more years before going the first time I could have been in for bigger problems. Thank goodness it is so easy, so put it on your to do list within the next three months. All fishing folks over fifty have to get it done. I will bring it up at the next meeting, so put me on the agenda.

Kristina P.

Yellowtail Fishing

Ok super fishing stud Florida Travel Commander. Preparation is the key to the yellowtail fishing day. I am not really thinking about it yet but thank you for your insight. I would just appreciate if you would come up in the evening of Sunday, it is good to go out and get the bait the day before. Bait catching is a big deal, as late as possible because I think the before time will be difficult for me, except that I am allowed to drink soda so I will do a lot of that. Darn if fishing is not tougher when you have to go to the oncologist. I don't want to be around anyone if I can't eat for hours and hours. We can freeze all of the Yellowtail Snapper catch, plus maybe a kingfish or two!

Evelyn Z.