Key West is known for its iconic b&bs and those make a great target

Mango Summer Guesthouse
The hotel phone is 305-294-9977. go

This Duval Street Inn made everyone happy
Plus you get the watersports fun, enjoy easy access to all that the Florida Keys offers including fishing, reef snorkeling, scuba, and parasailing. go

Perfect Hotels for Bicycles in Key West
We liked the whole caribbean-style vibe, clean, and nice and funky. go

Get drinks at the Smallest Bar
Walking is the only way in this city (bikes are good too) and now we are walking distance from all the big attractions. go

Tropical RV Park on the Tip of Stock Island
I would definitely also stop at that supreme pizza shop which has coupons if you look at the little free discount tours magazines. go

Finding the Condo Deals
Being located smack in the middle of the main downtown entertainment district is a huge benefit to guests. go

Everyone is Looking for the Hotel Deal
The pool is over a pretty decent size, especially since this is a small complex and there would not be many people using it. go

Swimming Pool play was the best part of it all
Jumping in after returning to the hotel is like a nice wake-up splash! go


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Things to do Today
Of course Mallory Square Performances are near the top of the list. go

Sweet Treats by the Cruise Ship Docks
Tasty treats by the waterfront are just one of the many reasons we love the Florida Keys. go

You are going to like the Bruschetta Salad
We recommend this for all ages. go

More than a Snorkeling Park
Located at the very far tip of the island, there is so much history down here to see and learn about. go

Every Weekend is Something Unique
The first time we went everyone was all dress up for: A Night at the Tony Awards, where a whole series of talented musicians performed famous show tunes from Broadway Originals. go

Out for Nightlife and Live Music
This honky tonk has regional touring acts, the sports ticket, and 2-for-1 drink specials. go

Mile Marker Zero Smoothie Shop
They make 100 percent vegetarian, with all items prepared using the freshest of ingredients. go

Perfect Ever Vacation Itinerary

The southernmost keys trip with the Miami teachers association is going to be fun, but we have to figure it out as a group. Group thinking is tougher on vacation decisions. When do I come to help with the Catman Kitty? Check in on the islands is at 8am like Disney! I drive on Friday down the Overseas Highway and you work all day? There appears to be no-plan-in-place to handle the coordination of the vacation events. Timing is in discussion, as it was not listed on the vacation itinerary. Please get your bunny rabbits in a row!

Abram C.

A good Choice to Make

We would like to recommend some very good places to stay. I like to pick a place that is nice for a family or couple like the Duval Gardens. It is a good choice to make, due to the sweet location on the southside of the island. We love this spot and you can walk down to swim at the South Beach public access area. Do explore the new french pastry shop that opened up on The Other Side of Duval from the hotel. A fun lunch spot just to the north is Southernmost Cafe beachside. Start your wish list for places to visit, and you will be able to walk to them all. It just cannot hurt the weekend to be right on Main Street Key West! I would also pick the Grand Guest House. Neat and fun is this b&b. It is about five city blocks to Duval Street and the same to the Key West beach. The easy life is so appealing on vacation down at the bottom tip of the Florida Keys. Very nice spot that really treated us with care and good service.

Stacey A.