Live shrimp works very good if you want bites because all the grunts love them

Hotel Picks near Tavernier Bridge
It was a blast to be able to fish right behind our hotel, at the Bayside Inn. go

Have you landed a Permit Fish
I sure hope this helps inspire some beginning Florida Anglers! go

Island Tiki Fishing Boat Docks
The captain has been doing this forever and knows the secret spots to get your fill of eater fish! go

Reelin in the Keys TV Show
Locally, it is on channel 19. go

Bridge Structures are the secret to Florida Keys Fishing
Perfect for a day around the water, bridge fishing is cheap and can be very tasty! go

Get some Live Bait for Islamorada Fishing
For those of you who would like to come fishing in the Florida Keys without breaking the bank, pick up some live bait for free pier and bridge fishing. go

Fun Spot with lots of Events
This is one of the most popular marina harbors in all of the Lower Keys, it just might be due to the ideal location. go

Cheap Fishing Success in the Florida Keys
We have had great success tossing out the fishing line in the channels that run between the islands. go


Keeper Catching

What to ask when Booking a Florida Keys Hotel
Parking is important, as you need plenty of room for your automobile with the boat trailer attached. go

Hip Clothing for the Water
This surfing palace has music playing, it makes it extra fun to shop. go

Shipwreck Pirates
It is just right for all those on the island with children, since it makes all ages smile. go

Super for a Seafood Lunch
We just had to check this place out as it was rated highest by the Key West locals. go

Our Rock Harbor Hotel Video
The entire city center of Key Largo is impressive, with loads of stuff geared towards visitors. go

Go Shopping
The king of the inexpensive has to be the Dollar Store, and it is right in the middle of it all. go

Coco Plum Beach Rental
We love the Marathon area because of the attractions and watersports play options. go


Things to see Outside

Keeper Catching

The City of Key West is home to nine active nests of nesting bald eagles, which is somewhat unusual considering the city is a residential community. Once an endangered species, the birds population has recovered and is no longer listed on the federal endangered or threatened list. The eagles are the national emblem of the United States. Volunteers assist by observing the behavior of bald eagles throughout nesting season, which officially runs from October one to May 15, or until the eagles fledge. To help with monitoring the nests, the City created the Eagle Watch Program.

Zackary P.