Make sure to check for ticket discounts for all the attractions

Cityview Trolly Tour Rides
There is no better tour of the area which is lively with the added driver stories. go

Buy Train Tickets at the Front Street Depot
The train goes maybe 10 to 20 mph at best. go

Key West Hangover Cures
Pick a nice day when the sun is bright and everyone will be diving into the swimming pool. go

Touch a Bar of Gold
You get to touch a bar of gold as part of the tour into the Mel Fisher museum. go

Family Spots to see in Old Town Key West
Expect a great deal of interesting Key West history, beautiful gardens, and the ultimate view for you at the top. go

The beaches are very clean
This creates the beach sand, so Key West has to make it happen on their own. go

Use your Bicycle to see Fun Stuff
You can walk right there to, as there is a sidewalk ride along the waterfront that goes for miles. go

Wow it is Big Boat Paradise
What a fun mix of local nature, watersports, cruise-ships, which are surrounded by waterfront shopping and restaurants. go


Tourist Treats

Coffee Waffles and Omelets
The breakfast burrito is plenty tasty and nicely big to fill you up for the day of sightseeing and bike rides. go

Making a nice Doggie Costume
Yes, the owners are part of the zany parade festival too! go

Fish House on Wheels
Classic food stops like this are what a southernmost vacation is all about. go

Dog Friendly Recommendations Please
We found the perfect Key West lunch location, right on the waterfront. go

Best Sitting Spots
This is one cool area of the island, just come with your big smiles on. go

One of the Top Local Bars
This fabulous beach bar is open to the public daily, try to find a better spot for great Key West Bar Food and Cocktails. go

Local Restaurant Picks
One can never go wrong with the whiskey soaked Bread Pudding, so save room for that. go

Taking in the Best Sightseeing

Touring Key West on bicycles is a really fun way to see it. Use the bicycles some and lock them when you want to see the detail while walking. Self guided tours on bicycles are the best. All of the historic places are so cool to look at and learn.

Briana P.

An Impressive time Out

I wanted to complement the folks for the fine job at Island Days Art Show. What an impressive time out, and it is family friendly unlike Fantasy Fest. This is one of our top event picks. It is a giant street fair with all of the creativeness you would expect down here in the city center. The people behind this are the folks out of the Studios of Key West. Great for kids, adults, and aspiring artists to get cracking on something fun. The studios is a local charitable organization founded to help the community and artists shine. We like this town and sure glad we took advantage of Tropical Rentals. When I saw the six-person Electric Cars running around Key West, it was predetermined forever in my head that this is the way to get around the island. My food vote goes to the Michaels Cafe staff. Care is all about your seafood dish being put before you with complete class! It is yummy and a lot of fun to enjoy.

Althea W.