Make sure you do the Citywide Sightseeing Tours

It is a Super place for a Concert
The first time we went everyone was all dress up for: A Night at the Tony Awards, where a whole series of talented musicians performed famous show tunes from Broadway Originals. go

Florida Keys Reef Education
We love big part of improving the waters and protecting the local fish population. go

See the Live-aboard Boats is Amazing
There is a whole history behind this classic tradition, known as Charterboat Row. go

You are going to love the Hotel
Good staff interaction makes a difference, plus the location is so sweet. go

The Famous Street is so Fun
The typical Key West Nightlife is not out of control at all. go

Little things make the Island so Historic
He loved his island city and served as its mayor. go

Matecumbe Key Historical Trust Visitor Center
Located in the center of the island, oceanside, this is a place to learn the coolest parts to its great history. go

This Property has a Great History
The Pioneer Cemetery is a beautiful little celebrated area at the resort, right off the beach. go


Discover Famous Locations

Vaca Cut Boat Ramp
It is at the entrance to Key Colony Beach and the waterway is named Vaca Cut. go

Oceanfront Florida Hotels
Such a fine stay, it was a big pleasure to book here for our five nights in September. go

Uniquely Cool Shops in Key West
We always take a towel for each person when we go to the beach and for tennis. go

Mini Shopping Mall Key Largo
The vendors are negotiable, so make an offer on the art, plants, or fishing supplies. go

Cheap Fishing Fun on the Pier
A lot of what you catch will get immediately released, but plan on at least a handful of keepers if you go at it for an hour or two. go

Sweet Inspirations at Scoops Creamery
Perfect for yummy sensations like homemade cup cakes, ice cream, flavored snacks, pastries, and more. go

Fausto's Grocery on Fleming Street
It has it all and I like the full deli, plus tons of wine and beer selections. go


History Buff

Discover Famous Locations

One of the goldmine spots of our trip was finding Higgs Beach Park. People are so busy on their vacations to Key West, often overlooked are the outstanding beach parks open to the public. This is the locals beach, an overlooked secret by the tourists. For the history buff I recommend the Cayo Hueso Historeum. This magical market, restaurant, bar, and shopping area celebrates the great history between Havana cuba and Key West. You get to see a real slice of how things were here on the island when about half of its population was migrated in from the big island ninety miles to the south. Probably the most photogenic places of the South Beach Pier. At the far tip of Duval Street, they call it here the upper end of Duval, is this cute little pier. In the evenings it's all about the Streetside Entertainment like the Bush Man! Here is part of our evening out in the city center of Key West. We always love the zany entertainment, which tends to come in all forms!

Hilary Q.