Many boaters make this a home, with wet slip over night rentals

Live Shrimp Sold by the Dozen
All those vacationing in Islamorada need to know that this where to get your fishing bait and tackle. go

Good Places to Go for Fish and Food
You should keep an eye out for the event schedule, they host all sorts of group parties. go

Florida Keys Boat Touring
Easy to find, small boats coming from the Gulf can enter Key West waters at Buoy Number-1 Northwest Passage. go

Boat Marina at Coco Plum Drive
The area is prime time for boating to the reefs or fishing under the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Boat Vacations to Boot Key Marina
We like to stay by the week or month as there are so many things to do close by. go

Using the Wet Slips at Snake Creek
I love hotel rooms with a view. go

Boating Around the Island of Key Largo
All charters include a very complete briefing of the area of navigation, you do not want to get lost in the backcountry. go

Marker Fifty Three Marina
The waters off the shore of Marathon offer excellent diving, from reefs to wrecks, and boater bars. go


Marine Center

Breakfast Menu for Hungry People
It was our third morning, stopped in and really enjoyed the breakfast scene here. go

Two Bedroom Two Bath Condo Rentals
See the nice photography I took of the swimming zone, plus you can swim right here in the ocean. go

Very Cool and Lots of Fish
But the number one thing to do is get out on the water any way you can. go

One of the downtown landmarks
Everybody should have a good time and it doesn't have to be expensive. go

Lower Florida Keys Recreational Vehicle Parks
Very special in every way, you will like the location. go

Enjoying the colors, artistic displays, and unusual home goods is why we always come back to the shop when we are in town on vacation. go

Caffe Latte Overseas Highway Cafe
When driving down the keys the top Coffee Shop is the drive-thru in Marathon Florida Keys at Mile Marker 53. go


Little Things make Me Smile

Marine Center

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