Midweek is the time to negotiate for lower room rates

Play and Stay Hotel Cheeca
It is really big and probably the coolest of all the resorts down here on the islands. go

Where to stay on Vacation
Do the indoor attractions when the weather turns poor. go

Harborview Hotel in Tavernier
It was like hitting a home run, as we knew it was great when we walked the property. go

Plenty of room for Big Boats
You will like the units, it is a special weekly rental for the taking. go

Bed on the Shoreline
We were so please with the stay at Pier House, right at the tip of Duval. go

Vacations to Mile Marker 98
After many trips to Marathon and Key West, we equally love the experience here. go

What a Pleasure to Stay
Staying with an oceanfront view is a good thing. go

Nice for the Budget Kon-Tiki
Be sure to take the kayaks out for a nice spin, what a great treat. go


Villa Style Vacation

Jumbo Shrimp
This is one popular spot, as the view is the star of the show. go

Mile Marker Zero Shopping Spots
Buying for most people on my gift list is made so easy. go

Tropical Drinks on Duval Street
This one is smack in the City Center Key West. go

Big Fans of the Spicy Foods
Very good is the pineapple fried rice with shrimp, cashews, pineapple, raisins and roasted garlic served in a pineapple sauce. go

What to see on the Trolley Ride
Certainly it is worth the price and you can get discounts online to print out or store in your mobile gadget. go

Boat Marina at Coco Plum Drive
Give the office number a call if you have any questions for your Marathon boating needs. go

Our Favorite Tavernier Florida Keys Restaurant
Inside you get to browse the Lobster Art Work that comes from the store in Islamorada. go

Hotel with the Friendly Vibe

So nice is getting a cute island style Cottage. It is all good and playful here at the Eden House, the owners know how to make you feel right at home! We think the daily complimentary happy hour gets us going for a big Key West Nightlife evening out.

Bobby R.

Staying in Hotels

It was a pleasure to read your article about the Pet Masquerade down there and Key West. We sure have a lot of people that love their Pets. I think the Florida Keys are very pet friendly if you live here. For those people that aren't staying in hotels or condominiums, this is not as pet friendly of a place as you might think. If you have a kitty cat now that is another thing. The man circus has paved the way that all the people love cats. Florida Travel Commander, actually, this is good news. You see, Big Pine Key kitty just got a new toy and he loves it! You will like the toy too. It is a great toy. Big Pine Key kitty needs to play with this new toy for a while before he gets any other new toy. Otherwise, if he has too many new toys, he won't know what to do. The full moon is coming, so we are heading to the Lorelei Bar by boat. It is going to be a wild weekend.

Cathryn M.