Nice is booking a hotel with prime waterfront views

Hotels down in the Florida Islands
So fortunate we felt when we booked our room with such limited planning or information. go

Stay close to Duval
A really good breakfast starts the day and there is a poolside bar to take advantage of. go

Very Nicely Furnished and Plenty Clean
You have made it to this fabulous tropical vacation destination. go

Plenty of Room for a Family
The backside doorway goes out onto the patio and out to the pool. go

Picking out a local Hotel
Managers are great, so just feel free to call with any questions. go

Outstanding was the best Description
Your close to so many good places to eat and I have to recommend the best Key West Cuban restaurant of all time. go

Catherine Street Hotel Key West
I really like the quiet, you stay on a back road that only a few bikes passing by. go

Hotel Destinations on Upper Duval
The property was built in 1898 and has a cool history to learn about. go


All Type of Accommodations

Sit Outside
The spring rolls are golden fried with spinach, black beans, cilantro, corn, jalapenos, diced red peppers and monterey jack cheese, fresh salsa, guacamole, and fat-free ranch dressing. go

Designing Florida Beach Towels
It is a good place with good quality of our products, discount pricing and excellent service. go

527 Duval Street Market
I just love this building, even though this is where we go for a quick beer stop. go

Double Cheese Burger
Find the Conch Shack on the red brick patio walk way that ends at the Hogs Breath bar. go

Key West Photography Studio
Dancing is what it's all about and the nighttime is all about the live music scene and finding fun places. go

Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals
Fashion on the Conch Train Tour is a Maxi Skirt and Denim Top, with a Trendy Cap to protect the hair in the wind. go

Speakeasy Inn Rum Bar
We love the quaint atmosphere and really try to find places like this when we are in the drinking mood in Key West. go

Swimming Pools are a Pleasure

Pass the word to all Florida Keys residents with swimming pools to turn the water off when vacationing. We always turn the water off to the house, but leave the water on to the pool as the pool people will not bother with adding water to the pool if it entails anything extra. I was mad when I got hold of andrew yesterday who said he found the hose pipe had split because the water tap had been turned on full blast and the nozzle was shut. It wasted 15000 gallons which flowed into the canal. I have informed neptune pools who have sacked the pool man and cannot interview him. Jim the supervisor will be there today and check things out. It happened about two and a half weeks ago. Thanks for your help and spreading the word on water leaks when out of town.

Luz Y.

Find a nice Place to Stay

It has been a great pleasure to come down and vacation all over the Florida Keys, for about the last fifteen years or so. We have learned a lot about the different parts of the islands and which is best for certain activities or boater friendly. I would tell people that have boats, and are bringing them down on their boat trailer, Islamorada, Marathon, and Tavernier are the best areas. The most important thing is to have quick access to get out to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Key Largo is a long island area that has very few boater access areas and bridges. Key West is fantastic if you can find a nice place such as at the Pelican Landing. A sweet spot to enjoy with or without a boat, but this town is all about watersports play. Bring any type of boat that will go under the bridge with an eighteen-foot clearance. The Harborside Motel is another Boater Hotel. This hideaway hotel's location is in the city center, just off of the big marina. Bring or Rent a Boat, you can then dock right there behind the hotel.

Jackie B.