Oh yes is it nice on vacation in South Florida Keys

Zany Places to Eat and Drink
This poolside bar is one of the finest establishments in town. go

This Buoy Has a Long History
City officials got together, and now they say try to take that! go

Key Facts all Told to You
What a great tour, just take your time and soak it all in. go

Super Family Sightseeing Spot
The White Street Pier has been on the must do list of Key West for decades. go

Review of Cityview Trolley Ride
Make sure to check for ticket discounts for all the attractions. go

Learning About Key West Florida Tidbits
Two thumbs up to Mr Steve, our spectacular driver. go

Cuban Food at the Old Cigar Factory
Wow, this unique area which celebrates the history of Cuban heritage and its role in the city of Key West. go

Entertainment to Keep the Smiles On
Duval Street gets a bit on the wild side as the evening gets pumping. go


Opportunities to See

Quick Stop for Food
We always forget something like tooth paste and bottled water is just the right size for the bicycle bottle holder. go

A Really Clean Place is a Big Deal
You will certainly want to bring bikes on your car bicycle rack, it is a breeze to buzz around. go

Drinking Beer on the Bikes
That is the rule, do that and you are in! go

Playful Things to Do for Smiles
There may not be a better cost-fun thing to do when on vacation. go

Southernmost Trolley Ride Bus
The Buoy itself is so large because people used to steal the variety of signs used in the years prior to the big buoy. go

All about Adding Style
Ladies will want to stop in here when on your bikes cruising the streets of Key West. go

How to fish for Keys Permit
Now do not think we do not love the bars and live music, but one must appreciate what got this whole entertainment thing going. go

Festive Events and Happenings

It was a lot of fun to go to the Cuban American Festival. This is one cool street party and everyone can jump right on in and dance to the tunes. What a great tradition, as this is an annual Celebration and one not to be missed. Festive events and happenings are on going year round. We get into the events and things with live music involved.

Sam G.

For a Special Day

Schooner Wharf is a winner, and I just have to vote it high up on the best of Key West restaurant list. It is one of the places to go that have really good live music daily. This is a top-10 bar that brings in the best bands. I love when the today show goes on live to show off places around the islands. When Today hits Key West, al and the today show gets a nice taste of Key West. This makes for a special day and treat. Make sure you boarders bring your longboards and skateboards to the island. Just a blast is the fun touring on a skateboard. Ron jon's sells longboards and is open daily and ready for all ages. I have to say yes to the wonderful time we had at the Headdress Ball. Oh my, do we ever love unique and zany competition like this. The way the contest works is like this, contestants are supposed to be only judged from the shoulders up.

Buck Y.