On the reef, the snapper and grouper bite is good, and so are the sharks

Backcountry or Reef or Deep Gulfstream
The mighty bonefish is a big treat to catch, as small or large they really fight. go

Gear Store for the Fishing Trips
Most everyone should do some fishing, at least for one afternoon when vacationing in the Florida Keys. go

Lobster Kits
The lobster assassination kits give you the edge to increase your catch ratio. go

Exceptional Fishing Voyage on Fin Razer
What an impressive time out on the water. go

Unexpected Treasures in the Florida Keys
Some of the coolest places in the Florida Keys are not typical, and this does not look like a bait shop! go

Get live bait for fishing in Marathon
Circle Hooks are required now by the FWC, it helps protect fish and makes catching them a lot more likely than the old style hook. go

This is where the huge Sailboats Sleep
What a special area for the boater, as this is the prime zone for all things watersports. go

Upper Keys Backcountry Fishing Trips
There are lots of places that fall under the backcountry focus. go


Fish Hooker

Uniquely Island Style Grocery
We always forget something like tooth paste and bottled water is just the right size for the bicycle bottle holder. go

Music at Middle Keys Fishing Village
The marina is here and it is fun to watch the captains show their fish catch. go

Marathon Hotel hideaway next to Vaca Cut
There is so much to do in the area, plus you get to explore the Island of Key Colony Beach. go

Ultimate Travel Florida Weekend Adventure
I like being in a good zone, and you will have a better time. go

Where to scuba in the Upper Florida Keys
It was a pleasure taking a boat ride out to Alligator Reef, with such great water clarity. go

Ecology of the Florida Keys
It is amazing and worth your time, if you can just fit in from going out on the reef trips and the snorkeling! go

Marina at the entrance to Boot Key
Wet slips are the best way to go and a lot of people stay seasonally. go


Going for the Gag Grouper

Fish Hooker

The ten hour drifting trips are a great way to get a few keeper Red groupers, plus a nice sized stringer of grey snapper. Just because Gags closed does not mean we won't catch and keep grouper. Plus, you can get scamp grouper, strawberry grouper, yellow mouth grouper and many other species of grouper that will still be open for harvest. They typically provide four hours of fishing or more since we don't have to go very far this time of year because the grouper come in closer due to the cooling water. We will miss these fish, but we have plenty of fishing options. There are still plenty of red grouper around on the ten hours and overnight trips. Gag grouper are closed as of December 3rd.

Theodore C.