Shoppers will love the colorful wonderful in Key West

Corner Grocery
What a pleasure is having this little grocery store just around the corner from our hotel. go

Buying Retail Seafood in Key West
It is nice to have a few different sauces to use on your fish dinners. go

Hammocks hold the Beer Coolers too
One of the places that I fell for the first time we went in. go

Quality Gift Search
They have summer clothing and some great casual wear for the ladies. go

Home Fixing Store
Come in to a big huge super center with old fashioned service. go

Nautical Gifts
What is cooler to display around your office or home as antique postcards of Key West! go

Fashion that is perfect for the Islands
Also, swing in and check the fancy clothing and home-goods at Fast Buck Freddies. go

Conch Art takes the top prize
Picking out some great local art could have not been so easy. go


Merchandise Locator

A sweet food and music combo
The only question is do we come back tomorrow or the next day! go

Florida Keys Maritime Museum
The Tall Ship ride on the Western Union was a very special treat. go

Joe's Tap Room Cafe
We like places like this in the keys, no waiting and quick service. go

Special Spots that Deliver
We liked it here plenty, give it a super-plus rating. go

Very Nice Dinning Experience
We had a great time and must mention our waiter, Alberto, who was simply superb. go

Big Tastes on the Marina Waterfront
Next door you have Turtle Kraals, Schooner Wharf, and Dantes. go

Shipwreck Pirates
We love the cool stuff that shows the light into the unique parts in the City of Key West, the history of this island is so interesting. go

Corn Toss is Great in Florida

When we go to the pine big key Flea Market to look for shell display items, some more bean bags would be good. I will leave half of the corn toss game for you at your house. The corn toss game worked great at the beach condo. Eight more bean bags would be perfect.

Katie B.

Key West Labor Day Shopping

I agree with you, labor day is a little bit too hot and the storms in Florida make it risky to book a hotel somewhere. Staying close to home was nice, plus getting some improvements done around the house while dealing with the storms. Labor day is all about the southernmost shopping, I mean the Key West shopping weekend. I learned a lot, The Deals are here to have at Bealls of Florida. Thanks for making everything so fun. You got nine dollar shoes at kinos sandal shop!

Fidel S.

The Stores

I have been pretty impressed with Walmart in general and especially their shipping to store policy. I was scrambling around about December fifteen and trying to figure out something to give is a gift and then I realized a beach canopy would be perfect they had a gorgeous one that's nine feet by seven feet from Coleman called a straight leg instant beach canopy and it was only hundred and four dollars total.

They ship it right to the store and they send you an email when it's ready to pick up. The pickup area at my store is open from ten am to ten pm, which is kind of odd since the stores twenty-four hours a day. You just take the item number down with you are printed out when they email you the reminder and show your identification to pick it right up and off you go. It's a great way to buy gifts from Disney Orlando or from the Florida Keys. I just have to give Walmart my highest recommendation for good pricing to in general but especially the shipping to store process.

Randell W.