Shopping for tropical wear and margarita mix is my kind of shopping

All about Bamboo Fashion
Look for the store over in the Westin Sunset Harbor Shops. go

Where to get the Best Key Lime Pie
Be sure to get Island Joe's Coffee to complement this legendary dessert of the islands. go

Solid brimmed hats for the wind
The first time we got off the Port of Key West cruise ship we realized that it was time to buy a big and comfortable island style hats. go

Open Market Shopping Area
This is the land of the islands and one typically spends most of every single sunny day outdoors. go

Only Five Dollars Please
The shop is also fantastic, what great deals. go

Unique Shopping
You will find the velour beach towels hold up the longest. go

Johnson's Classic Grocery Market
It is very convenient for those staying in the Truman Annex, just a short walk away. go

What a cool home improvement addition
You will be thinking of what the best place is at your home to add a little bit of flare. go


We Love to Shop

One of the downtown landmarks
I guess if you want to get into the sand castle building contest you better had up to Miami Beach, or maybe Clearwater Beach. go

The best bar for Top Music Performers
A super spot for the best in Key West Nightlife play. go

Swimming Pool play was the best part of it all
Jumping in after returning to the hotel is like a nice wake-up splash! go

The Trolley will take you into Bahama Village
The houses are so small and all of them are sandwiched so close together. go

We love to eat on Duval Street
One thing you want to do when you're here in Key West is to focus on the restaurants that have the best views. go

Duval Street Upstairs Downstairs Cafe
The restaurant is one of the prime spots to hit for quality dishes of all types. go

Chicken Salad
To really experience Key West you have to experience camille's by arriving by bicycle! go

Earnest Hemingway Gift Shop

Can I brag about Pelican Poop the best of the islands gift shop. Most people first find out about this gift shop as they tour the island on the trolley or train. Earnest Hemingway enjoyed the property as a residence. You can see the plaque on the building, which signifies his stay in the second floor apartment. Downstairs is just a fabulous little retail art zone, with all sorts of neat to see island trinkets and home goods.

Marlon K.

Buy some Clothes

The Florida sales tax holiday starts at twelve am on Friday and ends at midnight on Sunday in case you want to buy some clothes tax-free. I just thought I would let you know. All of the residents of the Florida Keys love the opportunity to save money. Trust me, it's expensive to live down here and we have the traffic problem. I cannot say bad things, because this is paradise and I really love to be able to go to Captain Tony's whenever I want and get a poppa doe place cocktail drink. They make those strong ones, a strong poor indeed. We do shopping mainly during the day, and then go out in the evening after we are pooped from all the walking and browsing inside the retail shops.

Tara Z.

Shopping Tips

You are correct, as cleaning the range and oven would help it sell on craigslist Key West website. I can do two photos, one as it sits and one with the oven open and that will show how clean it looks inside. With a fifteen minute clean up, it would likely get an extra $25 dollars possible, or at least get it sold quicker. Most likely with two photos outside and inside, people will get more excited for a deal since they see the cleanliness. I can point out it is rarely used, which is true since it is just me mainly and I do not use the over much except for those jack's pizzas from Walmart store.

Tia H.