Sipping cocktails along the shoreline here was just the ticket

Bicycle Parking
Remember to double-lock to obvious bike racks only. go

Sightseeing like a local with Beer in hand
The trees here on the island are so tall, blame it on the gorgeous nature! go

Party this Evening
They have a huge dance floor and it really rocks for nightlife, open to 4am. go

Top-Five Florida Keys Bar
Keep a close eye out on the event schedule at the Hog's Breath, as they feature a wide array of daily live music and entertainment. go

Upper Matecumbe Key Vacation Resorts
Only at the Cheeca Resort can you find the most child friendly snorkel lagoon. go

Hula Hoop at the Parrot
The simple and zany stuff like this can really spice up a night out. go

Wade or Swim with the Dolphin
These are the types of things which are so unique to the Florida Keys. go

Trop Rock makes the vibe so nice
This sunset video shows the last five minutes of the day, it is so relaxing to see. go


Locals Only

Be Sure to Take this Tour
Your tour guide will show you the ropes, explain lots of locals only knowledge, get the skinny on famous places and it is all done with a smile. go

Rent a 4-Person Electric Car
We used to only get to know the Old Town part of Key West, now there is no place we have not checked out. go

Dockside Bahamian Conch Chowder
This is a great place for an exceptional seafood meal along the waterfront. go

Very Pretty Out in the Backcountry
This is one boat ramp that hardly anyone knows about or uses since it is not near a city center. go

Good for all Shopping
This store is just really big-smiles-fun to shop in. go

Free Shoreline Fishing
QUESTION: Is it legal or illegal to fish from the shoreline in the Florida Keys? go

Pick List of Key Largo Restaurants
The pick here for breakfast is Grandma Mary Scramble or the Waffle Combo. go

Keep the Camera Ready

Florida is super for the camera, here are some tips. Do not over Zoom - The more zoom, the more shake without a tripod. If you do zoom, pull out after a few seconds so you do not have to try to maintain extreme steadiness. Do not ruin your film, it is better to move closer to the subject if possible. Zoom no more than what you have practiced to ensure a steady video clip. I hope this helps.

Miles K.

Island Trips are a Special Treat

Darn the southernmost lotto outlet. I wanted powerball. Then I got the mega-millionare ticket, with the megaplier option. I have not power ball ticket. It does not say powerball anywhere. It does say, estimated jackpots mega millions $636 million. That should get a nice house in Key West. Just take half and stop bickering over which one it is. I will give you the $300 million split prize.

Lucas P.