Some of the Best Things to do are Watersports Pleasures

Entertaining with a wide variety of fish caught
Try grilled and blackened, it is the perfect combo. go

Martini and Patio Bar Drinking Spot
If you get a table on the second floor patio during one of the festivals, that could be the ultimate in fun. go

Always fun is the Key West Comedy Club
All of the entertainers here talk and play with the crowd, you can be in the skit, just say something fun. go

Higgs Park Public Tennis Courts
Our stay at the Casa Marina Resort was spectacular and made that much better with access to the public tennis courts across the street from Higgs Beach. go

Bathing Suits are fun on Bikes
Tons of visitors also come here to take advantage of the sports and recreational opportunities available here on the island. go

Smile While Burning Calories
Be sure to know the reef wave heights, so you can pick a low wave day to go. go

Solid music makes a Great Show
The music is really good and food prices kept in line. go

Lots of Fun with the Locals
The bicycle path cruises right by here and you can quickly check out all of the beach areas which are located on the east side of the island. go


Tourist Action

Cutest Sexiest Less Dress Contest
Plan on a good time and ladies can breakout your cutest and sexiest outfit. go

Fans of the Chickens and Roosters
This area has the most free roaming chickens and they do not cause any problems. go

Keep the whole Family Entertained
You will see these train tours snaking all over town seven days a week. go

Key Lime Pie Recipe
Key lime pie goes great with a frozen mudslide blended with absolut vodka and irish cream liqueur served smoothie style. go

Weekend Pirate Party Bash
Upstairs or downstairs, take your pick of adult beverages, this is a Rum Bar! go

Where to Get Your Drink On
This honky tonk has regional touring acts, the sports ticket, and 2-for-1 drink specials. go

Handcrafted Works of the Mayan Artisans
Get timeless beauty of the handcrafted works of the local artisans. go

Sure is Fun

I wanted to comment on some of the great things we did while we were on vacation. Plan on spending a lot of time over at the Seaport Harbor Walk. Thank goodness the local political leaders had the foresight to build a giant public walkway system all the way around this fishing village. There is so much going on in this fantastic entertainment district. It sure is fun to toast the cocktail and look out over Sunset Harbor. Just take a look at this area and plan on doing a lot of sightseeing here, as there are tons of things to do within a block or so of the docks. Sunset Harbor holds both pier b and outer mole dock loading zones. You have to get a photograph at the Begin US1 Landmark. It is amazing, one of the most popular landmarks in all of Key West is the mile marker zero sign. This is the spot where it all begins and heads north to Canada is 2400 miles. During the midday why not do a Glass Bottom Boat Ride. It is an outstanding trip that all ages will enjoy. The anticipation starts to build before you board, as everyone is joyous for the boat ride.

Jonas H.

Fans of the Islands

It sure would've been a lot better if gilligan's island was made down and Big Pine Key. I saw marianne on the today show a couple days back and she said that it make any money on all the reruns. She stated that there was approximately $150 million made on the reruns over the years. Gilligan's island, not recorded in Big Pine Key, is reproduced in over thirty-five countries every day of the year. Can you believe that. It's impressive and my favorite island show of all time. What they needed is the mile marker twenty-four band going on gilligan's island and doing a little concert like they did at the blue festival at the Sheraton Beachside, next to the Smathers Beach Shoreline. I will always miss these special events.

Cassie D.