Storms are part of the Fishing Trips in the Florida Keys

Catching Bait on the Shore
The big-k kmart fishing store is another good live bait buying location, and the big-k sits next to Publix on us1. go

This is a great place to Catch Fish
Having a safe area that is protected from the automobile traffic makes this very family friendly fishing location. go

Deep Sea Fishing Marathon
What a great time is a grand voyage out to do some deep sea fishing. go

Hotel Picks near Tavernier Bridge
You can fish just about anywhere you have access to the water, the hotel dock works perfectly. go

See the Tropical Fish in Key Largo
They are not native to Florida and should not be here. go

Pick a nice day for Seven Mile Bridge Fishing
Pick any good bridge or waterway where the water moves swiftly through, which means the fish are cruising past your spot. go

Free Shoreline Fishing
For most people you have to buy the one day or the three day license, on sale at the tackle shops, Kmart, and Walmart. go

Shallow Water Fishing in the Keys
The shallow saltwater flats (we prefer the bayside) of the Florida Keys are perfect to test your skills. go


Casting for Keepers

Boat Parking at the Hotel
Just a true pleasure to stay in an area of the keys that has it all. go

Train Ride Tour Attraction Stops
I goes all over old town, but you can only get off or on at one of designated stops. go

Buying a cold beer could be no easier
What makes Key West so fantastic is the open alcohol policy, as adults have the ability to grab a low priced beer from the local markets and drink it as you walk along Duval. go

Quickie Stop Beer Store
This one stop shop has just about anything you need. go

Upper Florida Keys Boat Ramps
This boat ramp allows you to circle the island using Tavernier Creek and Adam's Cut. go

Everyone Loves Key West Sightseeing
Everyone in our group had no idea about the US1 Mile Marker Zero landmark. go

Duval Street Cowboys and Indians Party
This honky tonk has regional touring acts, the sports ticket, and 2-for-1 drink specials. go