Suggestions for restaurant dining in the Florida Keys is all about shrimp

Every Slice is Pizza Perfection
It is the place for sweet Oven Pizza and the Bakery, now open for take out. go

Old Town Patio Cafe
You can't beat the location, right here by the popular Key West Bight Marina. go

Guaranteed Winning Key West Restaurants
On the Upper End of Duval Street is the area know for Southernmost Point Cafe, South Beach public swimming zone, and the historic Southernmost Point Buoy. go

Chowder at the Nine One Five
It is a winner and one to do for sure. go

Durty Harrys Live Music Bar
Yes, bands jamming, people dancing, and hands clapping. go

Things to Do in Key West
All of the trolleys in Key West mention its history as part of the tour. go

My Favorite is the Breakfast Sandwich
I like the variety with the selection between hot or cold sandwich, plus the healthy salads. go

Cookies Keep the Walking Energy Going
Find it right next to Mallory Square and the big red Custom House. go


Bistro Finder

Swimming Pool Excellence
We are so glad we book our suite here and wanted to pass the word on this fine resort. go

Getting to Key West
If you do not want to drive down the Overseas Highway, take the super fast boat ride! go

We love learning all this Florida Keys stuff! go

Watch the Movie Hits here
The vibe is super. go

Getting into the Watersports Spirit
We spend most of our days on the boat, kayaks, and beaches, therefore there is no shortage of water views during the day. go

Smiles for all Ages
All ages will like this attraction and you should plan for about an hour if you like to read and learn about the various pieces. go

Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals
For the beach go with shorts over the bikini, a Cropped Top, Big Hat, and Beach Wet Shoes. go

Wine Fest Sandwich List

The Sandwich List to be sold at the wine fest this year is out and as follows. The Eiffel Tower is a triple decker piled high with ham, turkey, bacon, american cheese, lettuce and tomato, served on white, wheat, rye toast or sourdough. Tuna salad served on white, wheat, rye toast, or sourdough, with lettuce and tomato. Blt special is a classic bacon, lettuce and tomato on white, wheat, rye toast or sourdough. Croque madame has ham or turkey between two pieces of white, wheat or rye bread, covered in dijon and topped with one fried egg, swiss cheese and baked to a golden brown. Turkey passion is a turkey breast pressed in a hoagie with dijon, mayo, swiss and tomato. Chicken Salad is served on white, wheat, rye toast, or sourdough, with lettuce and tomato. Super sized hotdog is the large all beef hotdog stuffed in French Bread topped with swiss cheese then baked and spread with dijon mustard. Grilled cheese for the kids served on white, wheat, rye, or sourdough. Shrimp salad sandwich is served on white, wheat, rye toast or sourdough. See you at the wine festival.

Duane L.

Good Food

Is that a great list of Key West restaurants! That is fantastic for good food options plus the alcohol cocktails! Yeah culver's hamburgers is open in South Florida and heading south. Yeah to a clean fast food place! I can't wait to hear how it tastes and I'm glad you got to use the coupon. A good place we found or drinks is the strong pour bar. We love to get the Key West restaurant discount coupons for sure.

Randall J.