The Florida Keys Yellowtail are Biting Big Time

Fishing Regulations for the Florida Keys
We are a family of four and want to put some corn on hooks and try to catch some off our hotel seawall. go

Great fishing fun in the Florida Keys
We love the water down in the Florida Keys and had done the reef snorkel trips, glass bottom boat, and the sunset sail boat rides. go

Best Store for the Florida Keys Boater
Boating, fishing, and sightseeing are huge on the island. go

In and Out Beer Store
Some of the coolest places in the Florida Keys are not typical, and this does not look like a bait shop! go

Weekly Keys Fishing Show
They do a great job of outlining what it takes to have fun catching fish. go

Going on a Backcountry Fishing Trip
You want good weather and bright sunlight for the most vivid overall scene. go

Boaters get the Royal Treatment
What a special area for the boater, as this is the prime zone for all things watersports. go

Pick up your Circle Hooks
Find this great Bait and Tackle Shop at mile marker 103.1 in the Upper Keys. go


Get Fish

Islamorada's Best Pizza Shop
Right in the middle of the island is this cafe, and they make really good food. go

Nice Boat Dock Hotel
Restaurants and bars are close by, plus there is a grocery store within walking distance of the hotel. go

Rooms that capture Florida Keys Island Style
We stay here because the property is walking distance from our favorite waterfront restaurants and bars. go

Waterfront Places for Lunch in Islamorada
Having scenic views up high is excellent. go

The Best of Flavorful Foods
You can choose to dine inside or outside in their garden. go

Open for Breakfast to Dinner
We go everywhere in the city on bicycles and only recommend places that cater to casual attire. go

Shakes and Sweets at the Seaport
What a fun part of the city to visit. go

The Fishing Trips

Planning for the weather is a big deal for the fishing trips and more important, your home. Everybody wants to have a great vacation experience or if you live here like myself, then there's a lot of things you need to do to prepare for the hurricane season. Remember that it is not just the hurricanes that cause problems with your home, it can be any storm that just whips up winds about forty miles an hour more which can happen just about any time down here on the islands. Summer is the time to worry about it as more than half of all named storms form in the months of August and September. This is not just about the waterfront homes, so don't assume your home is safe because you live inland and not right along the Shoreline. A storms high winds can wreck havoc everywhere in the Florida Keys and for sure something to be prepared for. It seems like everybody just worries about one thing, the windows and the doors. Those are not the only parts of your home at risk from high winds as the roof is the biggest thing to worry about especially if it's older and it wasn't secured properly. Roof braces are a big deal and it might be something that you look at the Home Depot to make your home safer. Talk to your insurance agent if you want to know how to get wind mitigation certification and inspection. Knowledge is your best protection so be prepared and you will have a happy summer fishing season enjoying the life of the Florida Keys.

Chung Q.

Fun time Adventure

Make sure you check the fishing report and fully get the wind report. Fishing is a big deal with the wind. I cannot go early, but am booked on the fun time adventure. I have to wait for the big bomb of rain to pass, then we go.

Rena U.