The history of the islands comes to life today

Things we loved in Old Town
Hit Dante's Poolside Bar next door after, it is right there by the seaport. go

Hammerhead Shark Photography Spot
Taking video and photography is such a cool part of the vacation experience. go

Touring Islamorada for the Historic Sightseeing Locations
Part of what makes it special is the history. go

Every Weekend is Something Unique
Being right in the middle of downtown is just the spot for a place like this. go

Walking Tour Locations
We were so glad to have gotten the Key West walking tour guide printout and used that to find all of the historical land markers. go

The Big Trees Tower over the Streets
Legends abound over pirates and sailors raiding the area to take the water they needed to live. go

Finding the Shipwreck Treasures
The history of the islands comes to life today. go

Famous Lorelei Mermaid Sign
Do not go through Islamorada without stopping and getting a photography in front of the Giant Lorelei Mermaid. go


A lot of History

Bar Boating in the Florida Keys
When you are ready for some seafood and cocktails, pull your boat right up, as this is the spot. go

Last Minute Hotel Deals Florida Keys
We spent all of our day light time scuba diving the wrecks and the reefs. go

My Hat is Off to the Chef
The taste of tradition and touch of nostalgia have made the casual style family restaurant a favorite stop for many that come stay on the island. go

Where to get your boat repaired in Key Largo
We drop the boat off when arriving in town and use it when we want. go

Southernmost Island Convenience Store
You will like having a bunch of keys style places to buy supplies. go

City Hall on Sadowski Causeway
It's not a big island, so there's no need to go over the speed limit, just play it safe. go

Get your Fishing License
It is a breeze, just stop in the shop and pick up a cheap Florida State Fishing License to do the right thing. go

Taking the Bicycle Sightseeing Tours

The style of the home, now landmark, is call Bahama House and built by ship builders in 1984. Do see the Heritage House as part of your Bicycle Sightseeing tours. One of the neat Historic Things to See in Key West, just one block off the Duval Street entertainment zone. For years you could take tours and you would see people gather around the veranda, waiting just prior to taking the guided tour. Enjoy a very cool tour of history.

Esperanza R.

Interesting and Educational

This area of Monroe County is just the best. I love the job of the Marine Center, as it is one of the most important organizations here locally is the national Marine Sanctuary. They provide information, education, and help with the coral reefs, marine life, and the historic Shipwrecks. Do not miss the Dolphin Research Center. This dolphin focused center on grassy key offers educational presentations about every half an hour throughout the day. See, touch, play with and learn all about dolphins. You can learn What is That Fish. This guide to local fish types of the Florida Keys sure comes in handy. With your mobile web connection, just pull it up when you catch a fish! I like Crane Point. Super cool to see and do, with lots of interesting and educational interpretative displays of local marine life and exhibits of cultural interest.

Barney D.