The swim location of the summer season

Places to See on the Bike Trail
We tend to hit the water parks in the 2pm to 4pm time of day to cool off. go

A Great Hotel Location for Islamorada Getaways
Having a nice beach area for swimming at the hotel was a huge treat, and perfect for those with children. go

Main Beach Bahia Honda
You pay an entrance fee as you enter Bahia Honda Park and within sixty seconds you can be standing right here on the shore. go

Beautiful Park on the Ocean
The volleyball court playing area is usually busy and the kayak launch always has someone coming or going. go

Bring your Wet Wearable Shoes
The first time we got to the shoreline, the sun was in full bloom and you could see the super water clarity. go

Beachside Barbecue and Picnic Park
The BBQ Picnic Area is close to the beach and family birthday parties are huge here on the weekends. go

Marker 88 Restaurant and Beach Bar
What a beautiful beach park! go

Tropical Experience
That condo state near the Vaca Cut waterway is one of the best places that we are going there on the next trip. go


Beach Photos

Mango Cocktails from the Bar
The Key West Live Music Events were just so excellent this past month. go

Big Pine Key
As a born and raised Florida resident, the Florida Keys were always special for weekend getaways. go

Shoreline Vacations
Once you stay overnight in Key Colony Beach, it is forever on the repeat to do list! go

Coffee Drinks
This is the home of the cuban bagel sandwich. go

Take-out Salads and Sandwiches to go
Busy as it is really good. go

Has a Boat Parts Department
Modern engines are so much better and more reliable as compared to the prior decades. go

Marathon Marina Party Bar
We can do nothing but pile on the praise for the ChikiTiki Bar and Restaurant. go


Destinations for Shorelines

Beach Photos

The Florida Keys are one of the most unique vacation destinations for shorelines in the state. Colorful and quirky, tropical and welcoming, there are lots of nice beach parks to enjoy. These pretty islands leave a lasting imprint on everyone who swims in the ocean. Countless travelers come to the Florida Keys for the watersports and its abundant beaches. I love the top ten beaches in the Florida Keys list. Knowing the beach spots will help you plan your ideal vacation.

Tina Z.