The variety of watersports is nice and the vibe is sweet, not too high-class

Always a Winner on the Key West Port
Over at the Schooner Wharf is a very famous conch that goes by Cigar Man. go

Try a Little bit of Everything
Kids can roam around and look at all sorts of things while the food is being prepared. go

Zombie Critters ride on the FKOHT Trail
Oh so special are family times playing and enjoying all of the options along the Overseas Highway. go

Scenic Bicycle Trail Riding Locations
Outside of the bars are loads of bicycles and much less cars, as this is a true bicycle focused island. go

Fitness Walking on the Historical Bridge
This places has so many memories plus the awesome boat views. go

Events that make the Islands so Special
He is great! go

Bars for the Locals
We are going to full document what works great and what does not. go

Where to watch the sunset in Key West
It is a special time of day for all that visit here to the Florida Keys. go


Nice Finds

Upscale Boating Resort for all the Watersports
We loved it all, especially the fancy rooms and modern kitchen units. go

Do not Skip the Hemingway Loft
You really get to see how Hemingway and his family lived back in their day. go

Great Location and lots of Smiles
The topless optional feature definitely adds a nice twist! go

Flip Flop Sandals Wearing Vacations
The hotel booking goals focus on cozy and very clean. go

Middle Florida Keys Beach Parks
It is so nice to have a public waterfront place to see the boats. go

If you go out to the Vandenberg, the group splits the cost of the dive master guide. go

Tiki Carvings Shop
We have a big passion for the island style art, so we hit all the little boutiques along the Overseas Highway. go

High Quality Vacation Destinations

Some of the interesting categories that scored the highest on the survey are the Quality of Life, Being a Place to Live, Overall Appearance of the City, and the Cleanliness of the City. All want cleanliness and a positive overall appearance to the community. It means the preservation of property values. The perception of the role of code enforcement sometimes can be negative. Please contact Code Compliance if you have any questions or stop by City Hall to speak with the staff. The Code Compliance Division is an effective, proactive, dedicated team of professionals working to keep Cape Coral clean and safe.

Darrick V.

Music is the Key

How to exercise more. I will give you some good stuff, and music is the key. Keep it on in the background so the song that hits you has some dancing to it. I love all the oldies from dolly parton and the rest. Music will do the trick.

Verna B.