There are a lot of different trips to take on the ocean

South Florida Daytrips to the Reefs
What a super event, as the Florida Keys Reef System is unbelievable to see up close. go

Every day of the Vacation is Special
It was probably the best day of our trip (staying in Key Colony Beach for a week). go

Boaters get Non-Ethanol Gas
Bring your boat, ship, kayak or rent one and use it right here in Key Largo. go

Pirate Island Waverunner Rental Shop
An excellent spot to take advantage of the waverunner touring is the rental shop right behind the Marriott at mile marker 103.8. go

Dockmaster Key West
This is the place to stay on a boat and be close to everything. go

Wet Slips
Such fun we had, it was a true pleasure to go out and do a lot of boating in this area. go

Everything has a Great Story
While your chances at seeing a giant alligator are not so good here, expect a fantastic adventure. go

Heading out for some Watersports
These trips are a blast and so eco-friendly thanks to the breeze. go


Water Based Adventures

Mile Marker 83 Cafe
This restaurant is walking distance if you are staying at the Days Inn, Chesapeake Beach, Ocean Dawn Suites, Key Lantern Motel, or the Casa Morada. go

Pizza is the heart of Hemingway's Island
You can act up a bit to make the scene better than ever! go

Big Pine Key
Lots of good people stop and enjoy the juice bar each day. go

Really good views from the Swimming Pool
Very inviting are the waterfront views and swimming pool, so we just had to pick Key Colony Point. go

Great Local Parks
The beach has a children's playground, Beach Volleyball and tennis courts. go

Try the Upper Crust at 611 Duval Street
What a nice mix for a primetime raw bar, seafood and a lively atmosphere. go

Very deep docking for large boats
QUESTION: Please give us a good recommendation for a hotel with boat dockage in the Florida Keys? go


Mystery Shipwreck Found

Water Based Adventures

I read a great article that probably is going to make Mel Fisher very happy and get more people into the museum. Salvers laid claim to mystery Shipwreck found off Key West is hot in the news. It is a mystery, an ancient unidentified sailing vessel discovered last year and about 350 feet of water. A bunch of people have gotten together and have invested into the project and filed the legal paperwork. They are asking the court to Grant them legal rights to be able to go in there and get the goods out. The old saying is, finders keepers losers weepers. This ship is really old but who knows it might have a lot a gold down there. They think the vessel is part of the spanish galleon, but that is still under investigation and not known for sure. This might be more of a historical type of find and may be archaeological, but the possibility of riches are always there. The stories of the atocha the santa Margarita continue to be the talk of the city. Many of the ships of the era were carrying gold, silver, tobacco, emeralds, copper, and other art collections.

Duncan O.