There are a lot of good outdoors enjoyment options

More Hidden Gems of Key West
Just know that a fun day out at the beach for a family here in Key West can be a lot different than the larger more well known beach areas around the State of Florida. go

Marathon has so Much to Offer Visitors
Spend some time on the beautiful Sombrero Beach at mile marker 50 with a playground, kayak made easy, great views, and a picnic area. go

Eco-Discovery Center in Truman Annex
We biked here from Alexander Palms Court and it is next to the snorkel park at fort taylor beach. go

Living Museum Bridge
Make sure you see closely at the structure and the rusting guardrails, just do not touch. go

Upper Keys Kayak Launching
Parking is right along the road, with plenty of room since most of this area is not built up. go

Fantastic Outdoor Playground Zone
A lot of the local kids are super fast swimmers and got scholarships to university of Miami. go

Sightseeing Trolley Tour Stops
Here you are right on Atlantic Avenue where there is excellent pier, restaurant, picnic area, and tennis courts. go

Outdoor Locations
This is the west entrance (or northwest) into the natural area. go


Visit the Parks

Room Rentals
The property was built in 1898 and has a cool history to learn about. go

Very good experience with the Marriott
We used our accumulated rewards points for our stay at the Marriott Courtyard Waterfront. go

Boating and Snorkel Store
The Old Town West Marine is nicely located for those using any of the boat port around Old Town Key West. go

Southernmost Chinese
Given the wide range of people and cultures on the islands, it is no surprise that the city would feature a large and eclectic selection of restaurants. go

Boater's Paradise is Marathon Key
Vaca Key is a huge nature filled island just off the coast of Marathon, next to boot key harbor. go

Beer lovers in Paradise
Everyone knows about the more famous bars down on Duval Street (Sloppy Joes, Captain Tony's, and Margaritaville Cafe), but there are some other places you just have to see. go

Big Pine Key Visitor Center
Don't forget the guide maps, they are critical to exploring the islands. go

Blessed with the Coolest Nature Patch

Awe that is so sweet about everyone helping to clean all the local parks. We are blessed with the coolest nature patch. Yeah to keeping the Florida parks so clean! Yeah to all the helpers! Oh, and it's easter too. Cute little birds at easter. Tell the bunnies to come around too!

Von C.

Take Advantage of County Parks

They are offering free mulch at the county parks. Just get your free mulch and leave the tree picking to me. The after garden party is at Dante's. This is the place where you can eat, drink and relax in a large pool.

Mason Y.