There is lots to do for Fun when you staying Here

Getting the Right Island Excursions
Whatever you need to do to get the finest views! go

Tenant Rental
We meet so many people out around the swimming pool. go

Love the Resort Tiki Hut by the Water
So interesting, wow this was a fun vacation. go

Top Ten Key West Hotels
You will not be bored at this resort, they have all of your activities listed and outline at the check-in office. go

Cozy Oceanfront Stay and Play
At the complex you get Atlantic Ocean views, a big heated swimming pool, shade parking, hot tubs, elevators and walking distance to a marina, bait shop, bar, and restaurant. go

The Bayside Location is sweet
Make sure you grab a local chart map. go

Important Hotel Amenities for Boaters
QUESTION: Please give us a good recommendation for a hotel with boat dockage in the Florida Keys? go

Couples Cottages along the Ocean
Inside the privacy of the property, you'll relax amid the peace and quiet of your oasis of oceanfront solitude. go


Travel Deals

Beer Bar Drinking
Everyday is a party in Key Largo. go

Sponges and Shells
Stores give the locals a price break discount and prices are flat out cheap. go

Playful area for food, drinks, and views
There are a group of sensation spots that everyone needs to hit in the Upper Florida Keys. go

Deals a plenty 7-days a week
This is your productivity tip for today. go

Using the RV in the Florida Keys
Yes, RV parking in the shade is so nice in the summer! go

Go Shrimp and Beer Combo
The marina is here and it is fun to watch the captains show their fish catch. go

Everything for your Dog
We are going to schedule a trip down for that. go


Figure out the Best Motel

Travel Deals

I spent the last month searching around and trying to figure out the best motel to stay in Marathon. I've narrowed it down to a few. It's always good to start with one that's got the lower prices, and actually there's a few that have decent prices down here. Everybody would like to save some money, so why not pick a place like the Bonefish Bay Motel. Stay in a hot spot of watersports and nightlife action. We love staying near vaca cut and in the middle of one of the largest islands of the Florida Keys. Another good budget pick is Blackfin Resort. Good prices and a boater friendly location to have a blast on your vacation. They focus on the most affordable accommodations possible. This one sits right next to the Marriott. Some places are lesser-known like the Sombrero Reef Inn. Stay in the heart of Marathon Florida Keys on the water. Has one-two bedroom suites and standard style motel rooms. Everything also depends on whether or not you're bringing a boat. Marathon is a city with lots of great options for boating and watersports in the middle Florida Keys. Once we get it down to three or four hotels that were interested in, then we wait for the good weather. We like to make last minute reservations once we know the weather is going to be prime time. I think it's impossible to make reservations or month or two out the Florida Keys because of the wind and storms. You can Save a lot of Money with last minute reservations as long as you know how to negotiate on the phone.

Norbert F.